Bath part 4 – Talks, Theatricals and Music

Sunday was a very relaxed day for me. I had no events planned, instead I went to the famous, newly refurbished Bath Spa. My good friends Scott and Joanna were going and asked me to come along, so I did. It was lovely! A little pricey perhaps, but oh so nice! With those naturaly heated pools (one of them on the roof, with a view over all of Bath!) and steam rooms and everything. A perfect way to spend a day ‘recovering’ from the busy schedule of the previous one.

Monday it was busier again. First of all I was meeting up with some friends for tea. Having tea and scones is just something I HAVE to do everythime I go to Bath! At least once! So that was very nice. And I must say again how lovely it was to meet so many friends again during this week!

After that it was time for this years fashion talk. Both previous years I have been to the festival I have attended a fashion talk by Serena Dyer of Dressing History. The two previous talks I’ve gone to have been called Knowing your Muslin and Bonnets to Boots, the one this year was called Bergere, Poke and Cottage – Bonnet talk. Obviously with such a name you will understand that it was a talk about bonnets. As always I enjoyed this talk very much! I think Serena does such a good job with them! They are interesting, and she obviously know so much on the subject!

Dressing History’s talk “Bergere, Poke and Cottage”

Serena Dyer showing everyone the very special and slightly odd looking “calash bonnet”


…more bonnets…

We were shown many different styles of bonnets, how they evolved and changed during the Regency era. Even though bonnets are not my favourite part of the Regency wardrobe I still found it very interesting and enjoyable.

After the talk we had time for a quick lunch/dinner before I, together with my friend Justin, rushed away to the next event we were going to. This event was called Drawing room Theatricals with Sarah Siddons, Lizzy Bennet + Pride & Prejudice. I had not planned to go to this originally, but it so happend that two friends of mine, the lovely Chloë and Clara (the latter is from Sweden too btw!) were going to perform, before and inbetween the acts. Chloë is a very talanted pianist (thought that is just one of the instruments she plays!) and Clara is an equally talanted singer. So you can understand why I decided I needed to go to this event as well! And I am so glad I did! It was so nice to see and hear them perform again! Simply beautiful! Please visit their website Regency Recitals to learn more!

Chloë and Clara performing

Chloë playing the piano

Clara singing

The actual theatrical part of the event was really good too! So that was a nice bonus. 😉 There were three different acts. First there was a girl doing a modern version of Pride and Prejudice. She was Lizzy Bennet who (as if she was daydreaming aloud) told the audience the story of P&P as if it would have been set in modern time Bath. Very cleverly done! After that we had another lady portraying the famous actress Sarah Siddons, which was also very well done. But I think had I known a little more about who this actress was (I’ve heard of her of course) I would have enjoyed it even more. And then the last act was a lady and a gentleman doing their version of Pride and Prejudice. You can re-do P&P however many times you want it seems and there will always be new things to do with it, new versions to come up with. I guess it also helps that at a place like this there are people who just never, ever get tired of it! No matter how many times and how many versions they’ve seen it already! However that is, this version was hilariously funny! We all laughed so hard! At Lizzy running up and down the stage fluttering her fan like crazy, at Mr Darcy who was a hand puppet in this version and had a high pitched squeaky voice, and Lady Cathering de Bourgh who went around scolding the audience. It was really funny!

Oh doesn’t Mr Darcy look dashing?! In case you didn’t get it, Mr Darcy is the puppet…. 😛

After this I had one more event to go to (I did say it was a busy day) but something which was highly practical was that this event was going to be in the same place where we were already! So no need to go out, running like crazy to make it to some other venue on time. Instead we could just sit back and enjoy listening to Chloë and Clara a little more, or chat to the other people there.

The next event was a talk entitled House and Interiors in Austen by Professor Amanda Vickery. Amanda Vickery is of course pretty well known in these circles by now, not only for the books she has written but also for the very popular TV series broadcasted by BBC last spring, At Home with the Georgians. Unfortunately I have not yet seen this series myself, but I have heard such a lot of good about it, and the subject sounded so interesting that I just had to go to this talk! And it was very interesting! Amanda Vickery is another person who really seems to know what she’s talking about! So it was another highly interesting and enjoyable talk! And now I need to see that series!

Amanda Vickery!

And so ended another busy but fun day in Bath! But stay tuned, for I have plenty more to tell you about!

(A big thank you to my good friend Justin Gist Preuninger over at Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Elegance for letting me use some of his pictures for this post!)

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