Bath part 5 – Picnic, costumes and MORE music

I feel like I am taking forever writing these updates, so I shall speed up here by doing two days in one post. Tuesday and Wednesday.

Tuesday I had to move out of the amazing Admiral’s House. All the other ladies who were staying there were going back home.. Instead I moved into a lovely guest house on the other side of the city, where I was sharing a room with another friend, Jeanette (who’s also Dutch).

My good friends Scott and Joanna had arranged for a little picnic, in costume, at the Royal Crescent that day. Unfortunately, due to my underestimating the distance between two places I arrived a little late to the picninc. But I did have time for a (at this stage much longed for!) cup of tea before it started raining a little and we decided to pack up everything.

Picnic by the beautiful Royal Crescent! From left to right, Joanna, Scott, Sandi, me and Robert

So we went to take shelter (not that that was really the reason!!) in the Fashion Museum!
The Fashion Museum in Bath is located in the Assembly Rooms. I had been there once before, years and years ago. It was definitely time for another visit!

Right now they had on an exhibition of wedding dresses, there were so many gorgeous dresses! Some a bit more questionable as well, the kind of dresses that makes you wonder what the bride in question was really thinking when she picked out that dress to wear on her special day! But most of the dresses were just so beautiful!

Pretty wedding dresses!

More pretty wedding dresses!

This one I think would have to be my favourite!

As well as this exhibition there was of course the normal exhibition of costumes which is always on. It is dangerous going to places like this! You just end up wanting to have or make so many things you might not actually need…! It was great going with other costume loving friends though, we were all ooh-ing and aaah-ing over everything together (well, at least us ladies were 😛  )!

Regency dresses!

SHOES!!! (Yes alright, I admit, I am slightly obsessed by shoes…)

We had such fun trying on the (rather ugly I grant you) hoop skirts and corsets they had for you to try! Too much fun!

Admiring something…

A bit of shameless self promoting

It was funny, since we went there in costume everyone we met seemed to assume we actually worked at the museum! We got some funny comments, and of course, a lot of stares!

Wednesday I had another talk that I was going to attend. This one was called The Darker Side of Sewing. Once again I think the title is pretty well describing what it was about. This talk focused on, as it says, the “darker” side of sewing. The dangers involved in this work back in the Regency era (I know, it sounds a bit silly. Sewing is not something we think of as dangerous. But I am sure every seamstress today will testify that there are certain dangers involved in sewing, even today! Though thankfully they are usually not of a fatal kind :P). But back in those days it wasn’t always an easy job (this is obviously not talking about the ladies we see in all the film adaptations who sit there working, or at least pretending to work, on their pretty pointless pieces of embroidery).

Darker side of sewing talk. Here are some of the essentials a seamstress would have…

It was an intereseting talk, full of information I didn’t know. So I enjoyed it a lot!

After having had dinner Scott, Joanna and Justin managed to convince me to come with them to a music event. So first I had to rush back to my lodgings to quickly change my modern attire for a more period correct one!
This event was called ‘Love in the Pleasure Gardens’ and was performed by the recengy “band” Lady Georgianna. Lady Georgianna consists of three ladies; Allegra, Signora Storace and Isablla Wrighten, as they call themselves. The program included the popular “pop” songs of the era, and they were beautifullt performed! Very talanted musicians!

Lady Georgianna

And all the people who wore costume to the event, with the ladies from Lady Georgianna

So that was another lovely day! Well, two more lovely days I should say. There is still more to come though! 🙂

(And thanks again to Justin for letting me use some of his pictures!)

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  1. Emily says:

    When I make it to Bath, which I mean to do one day, the Fashion Museum is one of my chief objects! I love the picnic photo – if you filter out the cars in the background, it looks just like a scene from the Regency.

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