Bath part 6 – Dancing and the White Wedding

Unlike the the previous days with their busy schedules, on Thursday I had only one event to go to, a dance class. You will know by now that I quite enjoy doing these kinds of dances, and so a dance class is not something I would miss!

In this class rather than focus on the common dances from the Regency era, instead the focus was on the dances from the films and TV series! Great fun as it is dancing any of the dances from this time it really is quite special to be able to try the dances that you recognize so well from having watched again and again, dances that you assosiate with specific characters and stories. I think we all enjoyed that a lot!

Obviously we got to do Mr Beveridge’s Maggot, the famous Mr Darcy and Elizabeth dance, and Shrewsbury Lasses, also known as “other way mr Collins”. But there were plenty other that I had never had the oportunity to try before and most of which names have can’t quite remember… But one of them was “Ship’s Cook” from the 2009 version of Emma. This one was so much fun! Very different from the other dances!

Dancing, in a very crowded room

Right hand star…

The event was organised by The Jane Austen Dancers, who also did a dance demonstration for us. It was a highly popular event, and it was very crowded, causing it to be boiling hot in there! And I had not remembered to bring my fan!! Luckily some of my friends had brought theirs and I very strategically positioned myself between them. 😉

 Joanna, me and Isabel

The Jane Austen dancers doing a demonstration

Friday once again was a busy day. In the morning I first had a talk/presentation thing to go to, entiteled “The Story of the White Wedding” by The History Wardrobe. In this year of the royal wedding there are so many things revolving around weddings!

This presentation was about the history of the white wedding, following wedding traditions and fashion for the last 200 years. It was the most amazing presentation ever! So well done, and sooo funny!!! I laughed so much! The two  “Lucys” who did the presentation dressed up as brides from different periods, all the while telling us about the various items of clothing they were putting on, of the traditions of weddings at this certain time and also sharing real life stories of brides through history, reading old letters and acting the stories out to us. It was fantastic!! I just LOVED this event! I really hope for the chance to see another presentation by The History Wardrobe somewhere soon in the future! Check out their website!

Lucy the Regency bride

Go on, tighten that corset!

Don’t you just love this creamy, shiny material!

Lucy the Victorian bride

Showing us a 30’s wedding dress

Telling us the story of the happy couple in the picture!

And then showing us the slightly more modern brides…………… Yeah, that’s what I think about them: ……….!

After this there was another dance class. A workshop before the ball that evening. The Masked Ball in the Pump Room….! But more on that in the next post!

(Thanks again Justin Gist Preuninger for letting me use some of your pictures!)

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