A special encounter in Lincoln, England

Tweet Sorry about the horrible lack of posts on here lately! Last week I was more than a little busy, and this week I am in England again (yes I know, again…) and my internet is somewhat limited. However I will just post a few pictures I took yesterday. I’m over here to visit some friends who live in a city called Lincoln, and yesterday when they were both at work I spent the day exploring some of this city on my own. One thing Lincoln is quite famous for is it’s big cathedral, so naturally I had to go … Continue reading

Regency Shoes anyone??

Tweet I love shoes, I can’t deny that any more, it has become far too obvious to those who know me. And you all know that I happen to love the Regency era quite a bit too. Soooo…. what about REGENCY SHOES?? Oh! Yes please!! There is a wonderful website called American Duchess that, you guessed it, sells shoes (it’s not all it does, but it’s a big part of it). Up till now the shoes on there have been primarily Georgian ones, slightly earlier style than the Regency one. These Georgian shoes are so gorgeous that I have been … Continue reading

Bath part 9 – Chawton Cottage

Tweet Right then, last update from this years trip to Bath, wasn’t that what I said? Well here goes. As I mentioned in my previous post, between the dance workshop in the morning and the ball in the evening we (me, Jeanette and Isabel) spent the time down in the little village of Chawton, visiting the Jane Austen House Museum!! Chawton Cottage! Well actually first of all (since we were all three of us starving and in desperate need of food) we made a stop at the lovely little tea room just across the road from the museum; “Cassandra’s Cup”. … Continue reading

Bath part 8 – Chawton House and Sense & Sensibility Ball

Tweet I’ve been debating with myself whether to split this day into two posts or do it all in one. I think I’d better do it in two, because otherwise it’s just gonna be too long. On Saturday the 24th Jeanette and I left Bath early in the morning in a rental car together with our new good friend Isabel and drove for two hours to get to Chawton. The reason we were going down there was because we were going to the third of the three balls I have been talking about. The “Sense & Sensibility Ball” ar Chawton … Continue reading

Bath part 7 – Masked Ball in the Pump Rooms

Tweet Ball number two that I attended was this, the Masked Ball in the Pump Rooms! I don’t know about you, but when I first heard about this event I felt a thrill of excitement run through me! I have long wanted to go to a masked ball, and to go to one in the Pump Rooms, oh my! So even though these balls are more expensive than I think is fun I knew I had to go. And I’m glad I did! I had a mask, a pink one with gold details that I had bought in Florence when … Continue reading

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