Bath part 7 – Masked Ball in the Pump Rooms

Ball number two that I attended was this, the Masked Ball in the Pump Rooms!

I don’t know about you, but when I first heard about this event I felt a thrill of excitement run through me! I have long wanted to go to a masked ball, and to go to one in the Pump Rooms, oh my! So even though these balls are more expensive than I think is fun I knew I had to go. And I’m glad I did!

I had a mask, a pink one with gold details that I had bought in Florence when I was there. So when I decided I was going to this event I already had that part sorted. But I didn’t have a dress to match! Alright, I probably could have got away with wearing it to one of the dresses I did have, it’s not like it would be completely wrong or something, but I still chose to see this predicament as a mighty good excuse for making myself a new ball gown! So I did. I think I’d like to do a separate post about the dress a little later, I’ll tell you more about it then.

After retiring to our room after the dance workshop that afternoon Jeanette and I set about getting ourselves ready for the ball. It is amazing how long it is possible to drag this process out if you want to and have the time! After a couple of hours or so though we were ready and set off. We got some odd looks from people as we walked all the way from our lodgings in the other end of the city, dressed in our ball gowns, complete with masks and all.

Before the actual ball started there was to be a welcome reception with drinks by the Roman Baths (the Roman Baths are located in the same building as the Pump Room). As each person arrived the master of ceremonies called out the name of that person, and from where he or she was. It certainly added to the atmosphere, especially as he changed the names of both people and places to make them sound more appropriate for that time!

And so after getting past that stage we arrived by the Roman Baths. I confess that though I have been to Bath quite a few times now, I have never yet gone to see these baths. Shocking I know! But to see them now, the pool under the open sky, with pillars around and Bath Abbey rising up majestically above us, all lit up by torches and with people dressed in beautiful costumes and spectacular masks, it was magical and dreamlike!

Doesn’t it look magical?!!

And with Bath Abbey towering over us

I just love this picture of Isabel!!

And then I did manage to get someone to take a picture of me

After about an hour spent here we were informed that we might now make our way to the ballroom. Once there we were all directed to our places at the tables where we could leave some of our things, and then the dancing began.

As always the dancing was wonderful! I hardly need to tell you that I think. Wearing a mask while dancing though was a new experience. I had no idea how very sweaty it would be to wear a mask! It’s not part of the elegance you imagine. 😛 Everyone said the same thing. After a couple of dances though we were told that we might, if we wanted to, take our masks off now. But I decided to wear mine a little while longer, I mean, it’s not every day you have the chance to wear a mask while dancing in the Pump Rooms! But it was quite warm. So warm that one gentleman asked the master of ceremonies whether he might remove his jacket. This question caused the master of ceremonies to halt the music and announce to the whole room that any gentleman wishing to remove his jacket could do so, but he would then no longer be refered to as a gentleman! No one removed theirs. 😛

Soon dinner was announced and we all sat down to a delicious three course meal. After dinner there was more dancing before that sad hour came when the ball was over.

There were some amazing masks  people had! If you ignore the camera it all looks very suitable 😛

It is such a beautiful room!

Masks! Mine and Jeanette’s

Isabel and I had so much fun practicing the language of the fan at dinner time!

Looks quite elegant I think!

Isabel, Jeanette and me

There were quite a few journalists there, and some people filming part of the event. One lady was there from the Norweigan newspaper Vårt Land/Klar Tale, and realizing I was Swedish she wanted to ask me a few questions. Later she sent me an email with a link to some of what she had done with it. It is in Norweigan, but my Scandinavian readers might enjoy having a look HERE

This was a wonderful event, I seriously hope they do this one again next year!

I have a one or two more installments to write about this trip before I’m done. So stay with me.

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4 Responses to Bath part 7 – Masked Ball in the Pump Rooms

  1. Françoise and Alexia says:

    Dear Aurora

    What a wonderful event!It looks like a dream. We are happy you had such a nice time.You were magnificent! We hope a event like this one next year. Love

  2. Aurora says:

    Dear Françoise and Alexia,
    Thank you! It WAS a lovely event! Quite dreamlike! I hope you have the chance to attend this event next year if they do it again! Love to you both!

  3. Loved looking at the pictures from your masked ball. I envy you being able to do this! What a fantasy come true!

    Barbara Tiller Cole

  4. Aurora says:

    A fantasy come true is a good description of what this was like! I hope you get the chance to go to somehting like this too! It’s such a wonderful experience!

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