Regency Shoes anyone??

I love shoes, I can’t deny that any more, it has become far too obvious to those who know me. And you all know that I happen to love the Regency era quite a bit too. Soooo…. what about REGENCY SHOES?? Oh! Yes please!!

There is a wonderful website called American Duchess that, you guessed it, sells shoes (it’s not all it does, but it’s a big part of it). Up till now the shoes on there have been primarily Georgian ones, slightly earlier style than the Regency one. These Georgian shoes are so gorgeous that I have been contemplating making myself a Georgian outfit merely for the sake of getting shoes like these!

But now! Now they are launching a new shoe, the ‘Pemberley Shoe’! As you can probably guess these are shoes based on the time of Jane Austen!! A beautiful, simple and elegant looking shoe perfect for wearing with your Regency gown!

They look pretty modern don’t they? But apparently they are perfectly historically correct!

So yes, these pretty shoes are now being launched, and on November 25th you can start to pre-order them. Of course if you pre-order you will get a discounted price, which is nice (not that the price for these is too bad anyway)!

Visit their website and see if you will be able to resist temptation or not! American Duchess

I am seriously tempted to buy a pair! I’m trying to justify to myself getting another pair of shoes. In all honestly I DO need them! I mean, if I am to go to any more historic events and balls (which I plan to!!) I really should get myself a proper pair of shoes for it, and not just have the ballerina flats I found at a sale in a shoe shop several years back. Right? 😉

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3 Responses to Regency Shoes anyone??

  1. Aleksandra says:

    Personally I am not getting these as they’re not precisely what I have in mind for the perfect Regency shoe (I would have preferred the heel flatter and the toe pointier.) The quality seems good though, and I actually purchased the 18th century Devonshire shoes a few weeks ago. I haven’t worn them in yet, but the leather is beautiful and the shoe comfortable. So go for it if you like them 😉 The tax wasn’t too bad either, about 25 pounds for delivery to England.

  2. Jennifer says:


    I definitely think you need these!

    I am considering buying them, too, but I am sort of between sizes and I am afraid to special order. Hmmm. I will just have to give it some more thought.



  3. Aurora says:

    Aleksandra – so you got the Devonshire shoes?! Oooh! Those too are soo pretty! I think I need to get them too at some point 😉

    Jennifer – yes I know. Buying shoes over the internet isn’t easy, since you never quite know how they will fit!

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