A special encounter in Lincoln, England

Sorry about the horrible lack of posts on here lately! Last week I was more than a little busy, and this week I am in England again (yes I know, again…) and my internet is somewhat limited. However I will just post a few pictures I took yesterday.

I’m over here to visit some friends who live in a city called Lincoln, and yesterday when they were both at work I spent the day exploring some of this city on my own. One thing Lincoln is quite famous for is it’s big cathedral, so naturally I had to go have a look at that! And when I come up there I see some people around, police and people with cameras. Turns out the cathedral was going to get a visit from no other than their Royal Highnesses the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall! Obviously I decided to hang around! This meant that yesterday I had the excitement of seeing both Prince Charles and Camilla, getting lots of pictures of them and even shaking Camilla’s hand! I thought it was all lots of fun!

They were so close!!

 This is how I found out what was going on

Another picture of Prince Charles. And lots of other people:P

Because of the weather (it was sooo windy!) Camilla hid under this umbrella all the time. So didn’t get any good pictures of her…

Oh and I also got interviewed by the local BBC radio station, all in a day’s work. 😉

Just wanted to post that, and tell you that I have not completely disappeared off the face of the earth. I’ve got lots of blogposts planned and shall hopefully get around to posting a few more soon!

Until then!

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2 Responses to A special encounter in Lincoln, England

  1. This is awesome! 😀 I wish I could randomly be back in England ‘again’. 😉

  2. Aurora says:

    It was pretty awesome actually! 🙂 I was not expecting to run in to them, but it was a nice surprise!

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