Downton Abbey in my heart

Those who have been following my blog for some time know that I am a huge fan of Downton Abbey. I LOVE Downton Abbey!! And like so many others I was quite upset when the first season ended. It ended in a most annoying way, and it would be a full year until I would be able to see the rest of the story! At the time it seemed like an eternity and I did not know how I would ever survive! But somehow I did, and that year went past and suddenly, the time had come!

It was when I was in Bath, the Sunday after the promanade and the ball in the Assembly Rooms, that the first episode was going to be shown on TV. I was staying in a house with 13 other ladies (as you may recall) who all were Downton Abbey lovers! As you can imagine the topic for conversation at that mornings breakfast was how we were going to watch that episode, later the same day! 😛 We had a moment of despair, when it seemed like the TV in our house wouldn’t work! But after Karen made a few phone calls to the housekeeper, stating how very important it was for us to have ITV later that evening, someone came over and solved the problem for us. Phew!

So that evening we re-arranged the furniture in the living room, squeezed in 17 people, or something (for a few others who were not staying there came over for the big event), and sat down to watch. As the words “Downton Abbey” flashed across the screen and that now so well loved theme music started to play a cheer rose up from the people gathered! And as characters made their entry one by one they were greeted by cheers and applause, or boo-ing and hissing, depending on what we thought of them. 😉

It was quite an experience! Watching together with so many other like minded people! And to be watching a new episode of Downton Abbey, well that in itself was heaven!

But then what happened was I went back to Sweden. Says it all doesn’t it? 😛 No, but what I mean is Swedish television had not started showing it yet, and wouldn’t for several more weeks! So I got to have a teaser taste of the new season, but was then left to wait again! It didn’t last for too long though. I think Swedish TV had realized it would be a stupid idea to wait too long with something which had become so very popular! So I could soon (to my great joy!) continue watching! (I will confess that I grew impatient in the end. I mean, one episode a week? Come on! So thanks to a link from a lovely reader I could finish my watching before the others in Sweden did 😉 )

Taking place during the turmoil of World War 1 we get to follow the Crawley family, the family of the Earl of Grantham and all the others living and working in that great place; Downton Abbey. The same characters we are already familiar with are back along with plenty of new ones! Some nice, others… not quite so nice… A time of great change leaves no one untouched, as we get to see. I am not going to go in to any detail on anything that happens. I know I hate it myself when anyone gives anything away. I had the misfortune to accidentally come across two MAJOR spoilers for this one before I had the chance to watch it! I can tell you, that annoyed me! So I’m not going to do the same for anyone here!  But I CAN tell you, it was amazing! And if you haven’t yet watched it, DO!! And as for the costumes! Oh my goodness! Those costumes! *distant dreamy expression in her eyes* Sooo beautiful, so elegant, and so stylish! I MUST make myself a new new wardrobe!

So yes. Downton Abbey, you did it again! Another wonderful season! And yet again you’ve left us hanging, waiting for the continuation of the story. For another looong year….! But I guess I shouldn’t complain, since I am so happy there will actually BE another season! I’m not ready to leave Downton yet!

Oh, and I have to show you a book I got when I was over in England last week!

Be very jealous! 😉

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11 Responses to Downton Abbey in my heart

  1. Is there a website where I can watch it? I just watched the first season and can’t get enough! Alas I’m in Germany and don’t have any television…

  2. Natalie says:

    Yes what is the link your friend sent you?!

  3. Aurora says:

    The website where I watched it is this one You have to write Downton Abbey in the search box and it will come up. Not entirely sure as to how legal it is… but hey, it’s Downton Abbey! 😉 Enjoy watching!

  4. Malene says:

    The second season was even better than the first (and the first one was VERY good)! I couldn’t wait for the Danish Television to send it so I bought it as soon as it became available and I have watched it over and over again <3 Can't wait for season 3!!
    What do you think of the book?

  5. Karin says:

    We don’t have to wait THAT long, Aurora! There is a Downton Abbey Christmas special on ITV on Christmas Day. Here’s the trailer:
    Don’t faint! 😉

  6. Aurora says:

    I think I may almost have to agree with you Malene, this season *might* have been even better than the first one! Aah, they are both SOO good!!
    I haven’t read the whole book yet, I’m trying to savour it as long as possible, but I love it! It is such a beautiful and interesting book! I definitely think you would enjoy it!

    That is true Karin!! Christmas is all very well, but Downton Abbey Christmas special, not THAT is something I am definitey looking forward too!! The trailer may be a very short one, but it’s long enough to have me drooling over my keyboard. 😛 Can’t wait for it!

  7. Mary says:

    I’m happy to hear you are pleased with the second season. Season 2 starts January 8 in the U.S. PBS just released a sneak peek on their facebook page and there was enough in that clip to get me very excited indeed.

  8. Reese says:

    Yes, I love it too! I sop all the regency, and historical movies in general, up as much as I can. I love to visit the historical sites as well, but unfortunately there are few that are very old here in Florida aside from St. Augustine, which is the oldest city in our country. But these sorts of places are sparce here. You are very fortunate to visit such interesting sites! Thank you for sharing your lovely blog!


  9. Aurora says:

    Mary, I am more than pleased with it! And yesterday I saw the Downton Abbey Christmas special, and that was absolutely amazing too!! The more I see of this, the more I fall in love with it! I hope you like it too, when you see it!

    Reese, glad to hear you too like it! Yes I do feel very lucky and happy to have been able to go visit different sites! I really hope you get a chance to go visit some of them too! I must say though that Florida doesn’t sound too bad to me on a day like today though, seems pretty warm and tempting, not frost covered and frozen as the world outside my window is!

  10. Elinor says:

    Yes it just Aired yesterday here in the US, I didn’t see the first season so it was a bit confusing at first but I caught on quickly and am already very much in love with it:-)

  11. Aurora says:

    I can imagine if you haven’t seen season 1 it could be a little confusing. But I’m glad to hear you still fell in love with it! I was painting some shelves yesterday in my room, and was listening to the music from Downton Abbey at the same time, dreaming myself away to another time and place… haha

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