“She was the sun of my life…”

Tweet A little while back I read somewhere a new theory about Jane Austen’s death. What she can have died of and why and so on. They keep coming up with new theories for this it seams! Anyway, that reminded me of Cassandra’s letter to her niece Fanny, which she wrote just after Jane died. When I went to Chawton Cottage they had that letter there, up on the wall, next to a typed copy (which was a lot easier to read!). I had never read this letter before (even though I am sure it can be found on the … Continue reading

A year full of Jane Austen events! I hope…

Tweet Yet another year gone past and here we stand again, at the beginning of a new one, looking ahead, wondering what this year will contain! Personally I hope this year will, for me, include lots of wonderful events to travel to! There are so many wonderful events spread out all over the world, all through the year! On March 24th there is the annual Regency Exhibition Ball in South Bend, Indiana. I’ve wanted to go to this event ever since the first time I came across information about it, it seems so nice, and people I have talked to … Continue reading

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