“She was the sun of my life…”

A little while back I read somewhere a new theory about Jane Austen’s death. What she can have died of and why and so on. They keep coming up with new theories for this it seams! Anyway, that reminded me of Cassandra’s letter to her niece Fanny, which she wrote just after Jane died. When I went to Chawton Cottage they had that letter there, up on the wall, next to a typed copy (which was a lot easier to read!). I had never read this letter before (even though I am sure it can be found on the internet and other places) and though it was very sad and tragic to read it, it was also nice in a way to hear it through Cassandra’s own words.

Anyway, I took pictures of it and just felt like posting them. I just realized you can see both my hands and my phone nicely reflected in the pictures… 😛

What can I say, it’s just so sad!

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4 Responses to “She was the sun of my life…”

  1. Jennifer says:


    This letter is very sad, but also very dear and interesting. Cassandra seems like a very loving and kind person, sister, and aunt. I think it is so lovely the way she gives her niece so many details with great gentleness. It is kind of her also to try to reassure Fanny that she will not let this enormous loss crush her; Cassandra and Jane were so close, I can imagine Fanny might have feared losing two aunts in a short time. Rather than being crushed and giving up on life, Cassandra expresses so beautifully the comfort and hope she finds in her faith in Christ.

    As a Christian, it was moving to hear of Jane’s own last prayers. Though she never preaches in her books, her faith comes through clearly in them just the same.

    Thank you for sharing the letter.

  2. Aurora says:

    I agree Jennifer! It is so sad, but still beautiful somehow. It’s like you said a very gentle and loving letter, and it’s easy to see how much the sisters meant to each other!

  3. Lady Disdain says:

    Oh my goodness! This affected me so much while I was reading it. It was strange to read about Jane’s last moments – and tragic to see how she suffered as well, but her courage really comes through in Cassandra’s description of her sister’s patience.
    And you’re right – it’s so clear to see how much they meant to each other, but also how much they drew strength from each other’s patience as well.
    Thank you for posting this – it was quite an experience to read. I hope you don’t mind if I mention it in my blog?

  4. Aurora says:

    Lady Disdain, I know, it is so touching to read! Of course I don’t mind if you mention it in your blog! Please feel free to! 🙂

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