After a looong time… my latest Regency ballgown. And shoes….

Tweet A long time ago I said I would do a post about my most recent ballgown, the one I made for year 2011’s Jane Austen festival. Well, took me some time to get around to posting it. But I felt I should do it, soon I’ll start making new things and it won’t do to wait even longer! 😛 Taking pictures of a dress like this in the snow was cold. VERY cold!  When I was going to Bath and knew I would be attending three balls in the course of one week (ah, those were the days!) I … Continue reading

I’m dreaming of summer (and Downton Abbey!)…

Tweet Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear…! It’s been shockingly long since I updated my blog! I am heartily ashamed of myself! In my defence though I have been very busy lately. Right now I am both working and studying (doing a distance course) and it is unfortunately taking up a great deal of my time these days. It is only temporary however and will not last for very long (thankfully!), but that is the reason why my dear little blog has been so sadly neglected! Here in Sweden winter is here in full force! After a relatively mild autumn and … Continue reading

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