I’m dreaming of summer (and Downton Abbey!)…

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear…! It’s been shockingly long since I updated my blog! I am heartily ashamed of myself! In my defence though I have been very busy lately. Right now I am both working and studying (doing a distance course) and it is unfortunately taking up a great deal of my time these days. It is only temporary however and will not last for very long (thankfully!), but that is the reason why my dear little blog has been so sadly neglected!

Here in Sweden winter is here in full force! After a relatively mild autumn and first part of the winter we have now these last few weeks been reminded of what season it really is! A few days of -20C has me dreaming of warmer places and of summer… I guess we’ll get there, all in good time (even if this weather and climate is making me rather impatient!).

Me in a big snow pile, with my wonderful “I love Mr Darcy” bag! 😉

Talking of summer and warmer seasons, you know I wrote about some different Jane Austen events happening this year a little while back? Well I’ve come to hear of another thing which seems nice. It is a Regency Festival in Lincolnshire, England. It is the first year the festival will be held (but dare I guess it won’t be the last? Lets hope so at least!) and it sounds like it will be a lovely event! There will be sewing and dancing, talks and walks and visits to some amazing places like Belton House (ROSINGS PARK!!! The place I visited back in December!) and the home of Tennyson. And of course there will also be a ball! What is an event without a costume ball eh?! It sounds really nice, and I do wish I could go! But the dates are 24th to 27th of May, and it is a little close to the dates when I will (hopefully!!) be going to Italy. And I don’t think I can do both of them this time. But like I said, I hope they make this a yearly event! Have a look at their website, and if anyone who reads this decides to go, I’ll just say that I would love to hear what you thought of it! 🙂

This is a somewhat random post, I am aware of that, and I will make it even more so by adding this little youtube video which I really love! It is the theme song from Downton Abbey (it has become a new favourite song of mine. Soooo beautiful!) set to clips from the series. Please have a look at it, but if you haven’t yet seen all of both seasons, beware! There will be some spoilers in it!

*sigh* why don’t I live in the world of Downton Abbey?! 😛

Hope you are all well and keeping warm! I will do my best to update a little more frequently from now on!

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2 Responses to I’m dreaming of summer (and Downton Abbey!)…

  1. Elinor says:

    Eek! I love anything and everything having to do with Downton Abbey 😀 the season finale is in on this coming Sunday here and I’m super excited for it!

  2. Aurora says:

    Ooh how exciting!! Hope you enjoy the finale! 😀

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