After a looong time… my latest Regency ballgown. And shoes….

A long time ago I said I would do a post about my most recent ballgown, the one I made for year 2011’s Jane Austen festival. Well, took me some time to get around to posting it. But I felt I should do it, soon I’ll start making new things and it won’t do to wait even longer! 😛

Taking pictures of a dress like this in the snow was cold. VERY cold! 

When I was going to Bath and knew I would be attending three balls in the course of one week (ah, those were the days!) I realized I would need to make another ballgown (there is something wonderful about actually needing another ballgown…!) and began thinking about what to make.  I had a few different ideas, but in the end I settled on just making a white cotton one. Doesn’t sound overly exciting perhaps, but I had just been watching War & Peace and had been quite taken with a few of the beautiful white ballgowns in that one. So I made my dress inspired by one of Natasha’s.

As you can see mine is “inspired by”, not a copy of. The ruffle is different, and so are the sleeves. 

Love the big bow!

As usual I used the Sense & Sensibility pattern as a base, and then did my own little adjustments and alterations. Actually there weren’t a great many alterations that I did, the thing about this dress that I really put the focus on was the trimming on the bodice. The little ruffle thing around the neckline and sleeve

Close-up of bodice.

The actual dress didn’t take too long to make, the trimming was what took time since most of it needed to be done by hand. It was an enjoyable task, but I managed to bend quite a few needles in the process of making this… But I must say I am quite pleased with the end result. 🙂

The dress is, like I said, made from just a plain white cotton fabric, the pink sash around the waist is however silk. I had spotted this lovely pink silk in the fabric store when I had been there with my sister looking for material for a dress I was making for her for a wedding she was attending. I really liked this silk and was trying to persuade my sister that it would be perfect for her outfit. She didn’t completely agree with me, so I didn’t get to bring that fabric with me home… But when I had come so far with my own dress as to decide what style I was going to make it, I knew straight away what fabric I was going to use for the sash! The fact that it was pink was very good too, for the reason that it would match my mask for the ball very well also. 🙂

Back view. Once again it is a dress whith buttons in the back. These are lovely mother of pearl buttons. The skirt is gathered rather than pleated in the back this time.

Cute sleeve detail

So yes, so much for the construction of the dress. I am very pleased with the result, and it was a nice dress to wear and dance in.

Note the shoes…

And now I have to show you something really nice! Remember a while back I posted about these Regency shoes that I wanted to get? Well, I’ve got them now!! These beautiful shoes were given to me as a Christmas present by someone utterly wonderful!! I was so happy and thrilled to get them, seriously an amazing gift! I know I’ve said it already but, THANK YOU!!!

Flashing my ankles in a very un-ladylike fashion! 

The shoes are beautiful and comfortable, and I am so excited that I now finally have some proper Regency shoes to wear with my ballgowns! Don’t get me wrong, the £5 ballerina flats that I found in some random shoe store years ago have served me well so far, but these are just sooo much nicer!

*sigh* I think they are sooo gorgeous! 

I received these very pretty shoe clips from a dear friend a while back, now I discovered they will work nicely on these shoes together with my red ballgown (which is the same fabric as what the shoes stand on in this picture)

Yes, so that’s my newest ballgown and my wonderful new shoes. I really can’t wait to get to use these shoes, and can’t wait to get started on some new Regency projects soon! I have quite a few ideas…

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10 Responses to After a looong time… my latest Regency ballgown. And shoes….

  1. Lauren R says:

    Lovely lovely, perfect! I am so glad you love the Pemberlies – the shoe clips your friend gave you are gorgeous! The whole look together – dress, shoes, hair – just wonderful 🙂

  2. Andrew says:

    😀 Those are some very nice Pictures! how did I not pick up on that dress being like Natasha’s!? now I know that I can totally Justify a New war & peace inspired uniform 😛
    … also those shoes do look rather amazing!

  3. Anna says:

    You look lovely in this dress, Aurora! It’s the perfect fit for you. And the colour white was absolutely in at the time of Jane Austen.

  4. Malene says:

    What a cute dress! I really like the ruffle details and the pink sash is gorgeous. And so are the shoe buckles 🙂

  5. Emily says:

    Beautiful! So trim and neat. (And I’m half-impressed, half-aghast that you went out in the snow for the pictures without even a shawl! I couldn’t have done it…)

  6. Nina McFly says:

    Hi, Aurora! You´ve made a wonderful dress!!! I´ve also loved the Pemberlies! Amazing!

  7. Aurora says:

    Thank you all so much!!

    Lauren, thanks! I DO love them!!

    Andrew, oh yes you can definitely justify that! 😉

    Aww Anna thank you! And you are right, white was very popular back then, which I’m happy about since I do have a bit of a weakness for white dresses…

    Malene, I’m glad you like it! You know I really do like the shoe buckles, and I was thrilled to find they would work well with these shoes! The last “regency” shoes I had didn’t work with buckles, so I’m very happy now! How are you by the way?! It’s been a long time!

    Emily, I know, going out in the snow dressed like that wasn’t the greatest idea… It WAS very cold! But I did have a jacket to put on as soon as I wasn’t posing for the camera! haha

  8. Jennifer says:

    Hi Aurora,

    Your new dress and shoes are lovely!

    I bought a pair of Pemberley’s, too, but unfortunately even the smallest size would not stay on my feet. I had to return them. Sigh.

    I will just have to wear my gold flats again when I attend the Regency Exhibition Ball in South Bend, IN in a a few weeks. I talked my cousin, Brenda, into going with me (my husband does not like to dance), so we should have a great girls’ weekend out. I can hardly wait.

    I’ll tell you all about it when I get home.


  9. This is THE perfect dress. I love the sleeves, the ruffles, the sash, yes… and the shoes are brilliant!

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