Concerning two new costume dramas :)

Tweet There is a time for every thing – a time for balls and plays, and a time for work. ~Northanger Abbey I take some comfort in these words of Mrs Morland’s from Northanger Abbey now when all that seems to be going on is work. I long for those balls and plays, but they will come, eventually. 🙂 In the meantime there are still some nice things to keep me going. I am overjoyed to finally get back into sewing after ages of not doing that. I’ve started a new Regency gown , I can’t wait to finish it … Continue reading

The Many Lovers of Jane Austen

Tweet Didn’t I say I would get better at writing more frequently…? Well, seems I have not… Once again I will try to defend my case by saying how very busy I’ve been. And this being busy has also (sadly) meant that I haven’t had the chance to do as many Jane Austen related things as I would wish. But I feel we are moving towards better times when it comes to that though! A few Jane Austen related things however I have managed to squeeze in (couldn’t live without any altogether now could I?). One such was I got … Continue reading

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