The Many Lovers of Jane Austen

Didn’t I say I would get better at writing more frequently…? Well, seems I have not… Once again I will try to defend my case by saying how very busy I’ve been. And this being busy has also (sadly) meant that I haven’t had the chance to do as many Jane Austen related things as I would wish. But I feel we are moving towards better times when it comes to that though!

A few Jane Austen related things however I have managed to squeeze in (couldn’t live without any altogether now could I?). One such was I got the chance to watch the great BBC documentary The Many Lovers of Jane Austen which was shown on TV not too long ago. This delightful show by Professor Amanda Vickery is an hour long documentary about Jane Austen (ha! Surprise, surprise!) and what it is about her work that still makes her so famous and loved, to this day. It was wonderfully interesting to watch, full of facts and interviews (I learnt a few new things!) as well as a part about the Jane Austen Festival in Bath and events in America. It was so fun to see those parts (well all the rest of it too obvioulsy!) because I spotted so many people that I know or recognize, quite a few of my friends had managed to make it into this! Both in America and England! I did keep a sharp lookout for any glimpse of myself in the scenes from Bath, but didn’t manage to find myself there. Oh well, guess you can’t have everything. 😛

It was very interesting to hear all the views about why Jane’s work is still as loved as it is, it is a question I have often thought about myself (not that it is a wonder that her work is loved, I mean of course it should be! But it’s still interesting to think about WHY that is). It is a really good documentary, and very enjoyable to watch! So if you get the chance to see it, DO! Amanda Vickery does a very good job with this one I think, I haven’t yet seen her other very popular At Home with the Georgians, but I have heard a lot of good being said about that one too. And if it’s anything like this one I can well imagine it is good!

I tried finding something on youtube from this one, but didn’t find much. I did however find the clip about the festival in Bath!! Oh now I want to go back there really bad!!

Oh and by the way, in that clip there is the reference to what Winston Churchill is claimed to have said about his reading Jane Austen in the middle of the war, that antibiotics and Jane Austen cured him when he was ill. I read about that a while back and was really excited about it, it is yet another proof of my belief being correct that most things can be cured with Jane Austen! And I now choose to see Jane Austen as the person responsible for winning the war! 😛

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  1. Emily says:

    I have to admit, my first thought when I read the title of your post was something rather more…improper. Not at all what one associates with Jane Austen! : )

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