They said she was unsinkable…

…but they were wrong.

A short while ago I posted the trailer to ITV’s new miniseries about the Titanic, and last night I finished watching that same series.

Consisting of four 45 minutes long episodes this series, written by the amazing Julian Fellowes, tells the well known story of the beautiful ship that sank on its maiden voyage, exactly 100 years ago. But how do you tell a story that everyone already knows? Here they solved that question by telling us the story from a lot of different peoples perspective. This is one of the things Julian Fellowes has done so well with Downton Abbey, you have all these characters from different classes who all tell their own little story. And he does it again here in Titanc. That was rather expected of course, after all, why change a winning concept? But I think it works well. There has already been a fantastic movie made about the Titanic, so to simply make another love story set there wouldn’t have been the smartest idea. I mean, it would have to be pretty good to be able to live up to the mega hit that the previous Titanic was, and still is (with costumes to die for! Just had to point that out…)! So I think it was a wise decision to do it this way. And also, I love it when there are so many different characters and stories in one film like this!

After seeing the first episode I confess I was a little confused. It was good and promising the whole thing I thought, but everything felt very rushed! By the end of the first episode the ship was already sinking! How in all the world were they going to be able to drag the sinking out for another 3 episodes?? That’s not what they did though I discovered when I continued further. Over the remaining episodes they go back, we get to see the story from someone elses viewpoint, it fills in the blanks and that feeling of it being rushed or of us not getting to know the characters well enough disappears.
I think it is cleverly done, and though I wasn’t at first sure I liked it I came to the conclusion that I actually I really did. The only thing I will say is that it still wasn’t quite long enough, I felt, for me to really feel that I got to know all the characters as well as I would like, spoilt as I am with very long miniseries. But I guess I can see that they couldn’t very well drag it out much longer than they did. After all, how much could possibly happen to one person over the course of just a few days?

It ends of course in the only way it could end. It is a tragedy like few others. And seeing all those people clinging on to one another (and to the ship!) for dear life, or trying desperately to stay alive in the icy water is heartbreakingly sad! Even more so because we know that this actually happened!! It is a story that I believe leaves no one untouched.

So my overall impression of this series is very good. It has some good characters, some nice costumes (always an important thing in my eyes!), the ship is beautiful and hadn’t it been for the fact that it sank I would have loved to be on it! And of course, it’s got a story like no other!

I generally like a story with a happy ending, and I cannot pretend that this one has an ending even remotely happy, but it is good, I really think it is!

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5 Responses to They said she was unsinkable…

  1. Malene says:

    It finally premiered on Dansih TV on Sunday! I have a really good feeling about it, and after reading your review I can’t wait for the next coming Sundays 🙂
    I am a little confused though…here in DK it runs in 12 episodes each lasting one hour… Are you sure you have seen all of it?

  2. Malene says:

    Ah, my mistake! The one I’m talking about is a comepletely different one apparently. Oh well, two TV series about Titanic in the same year is quite nice 😀

  3. Aurora says:

    Oh so there is another series?! Do tell me! I would love to see another Titanic series! And I look forward to hearing what you think about the ITV one, once you’ve seen it 🙂

  4. Malene says:

    Well, it is called “Titanic – Blood and Steel” and the story begins with the construction of the ship and then (I think)goes on with the sea voyage and the sinking. I have only seen one episode yet – but it looks very good. If you have the Danish TV channel DR2 you can tune in tomorrow 🙂
    I will definately have to find the one you have seen as well 😀

  5. Thanks so much for the review…I will definitely have to check this out! Agreed, it would be pretty impossible to beat the love story of the Leo and Kate Titanic we all know and love, but this seems like it would be interesting in presenting another side of the story.

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