It’s time to travel again! :)

Tweet So, the time has finally come! Finally it is time for me to pack my bags and head off to another fantastic event! It feels like its been forever since last!! But now Italy, and the medieval city of Lucca, awaits with a Napoleonic weekend that I am sure will be spectacular! I’ve talked about this event on here before, but for those who have managed to miss that, this is a Napoleonic event organized by the lovely Margarita Martinez (who’s website you can find here) and it will include dancing, a ball, picnic, visits to a museum, costumes, … Continue reading

One day I want a house like this…

Tweet I have a fondness for big, beautiful houses, the kind of houses the characters in Jane Austen’s novels live in, the kind we see in the film adaptations. My dream is to one day have such a house myself where I can live as in my own version of a Jane Austen story (dreaming away here…) and where I can host grand balls, to which you shall all obviously be invited! So yes, I quite like these kind of houses. And so when the opportunity of visiting one came up last week I was rather pleased. 🙂 Sweden has … Continue reading

Spreading the word of Jane Austen

Tweet You know when you like something so much you can’t stop talking about it and you just want everyone else to like it too? Well that’s pretty much how it is with me and Jane Austen. If you are reading this blog then you are already aware of me being just a tad bit obsessed about this wonderful authoress and her world, and I do like to “spread the word” of Jane Austen to as many people as I can. A couple of days ago I had the final test/exam to do in a course I have been doing … Continue reading

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