Spreading the word of Jane Austen

You know when you like something so much you can’t stop talking about it and you just want everyone else to like it too? Well that’s pretty much how it is with me and Jane Austen.

If you are reading this blog then you are already aware of me being just a tad bit obsessed about this wonderful authoress and her world, and I do like to “spread the word” of Jane Austen to as many people as I can.
A couple of days ago I had the final test/exam to do in a course I have been doing the last few months, and part of this exam was that I needed to do a short presentation on some subject. I was allowed to chose whatever subject I wanted and (I am sure you have guessed it already) I chose Jane Austen. They DID say whatever subject I wanted! 😛

I began my presentation before the teacher (I only had to do it before one person) by stating that Jane Austen is, as I hoped he was aware, one of literature’s greatest authors through time. As I said this he looked very, well, guilty and apologetic, and my suspicion was confirmed: he didn’t know a thing about Jane Austen! The reason I suspected this was because there are just so many people in Sweden who don’t have a clue of who Jane Austen was or what she wrote! Sadly I am now more surprised if anyone DOES know of her, rather than if they don’t. It is a sad thing. I do think someone who works with education should know about her though! But apparently that doesn’t have to be the case.

I did my presentation however, and by the end of it he (the teacher) was full of questions, which I was more than happy to answer, and we continued talking about Jane Austen for quite some time. And before I left he said that he’s going to have to get hold of some Jane Austen books now and read them!! I walked away from there with a big smile on my face for two reasons. One was because I was finally done with this course that I was more than a little sick of, and the other was that I had introduced yet another person to the wonderful world of Jane Austen! That always makes me happy! Hope he goes ahead and actually reads it now too!

Oh and by the way, I needed to do a written part for the exam as well, and believe it or not I managed to write that about nothing less than Pride & Prejudice! What can I say? I am just a little obsessed. 😛

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4 Responses to Spreading the word of Jane Austen

  1. Jennifer says:

    Good for you! And congrats on completing the course.

  2. Lisa says:

    That sounds like you made the last part of the course fun! Shame on the teacher for not knowing our beloved Jane….we can also forgive him for being male. Jane seems to appeal more to the female of the species. Congratulations on completing the course, sounds like it’s a relief!

  3. Jemimah says:

    HELP! I need your help Aurora!
    A lady my family knows is a qualified dance teacher, and she and her husband have organised an English Country Dance (basically the same as dances in Jane Austen films), and I hope to go as others will in Regency attire. My only problem is that I have reasonably short, layered hair, (it comes to about an inch and a half above my shoulders) and I need a regency kind of hairstyle. The dance is in just over a month, and I’m kind of panicking as there is NO WHERE on the internet that shows regency kind of hairstyles for short hair. And then I stumbled across your blog, and thought you might be able to help.

  4. Aurora says:

    Thank you Jennifer and Lisa!! It does indeed feel very good to be done with it! 🙂

    Jemimah, first of all how fun that you will be going to a Dance! I shall do my best to try to help you out with your dilemma here. I know finding tutorials and instructions for regency hairstlyes can be a bit of a pain, I spent alot of time desperately looking for things like that myself before.
    Short hair wasn’t entirely uncommon in the regency era. It was actually rather fashionable to have a short, tousled style. This is what is said about short hair at this time one one website I looked at, “Women who wish to re-enact 19th-century styles with short hair need not resort to wigs – short, tousled curls were popular during the early part of the century as part of a neo-classical aesthetic. Curled hair was brushed upwards towards the crown and worn in a tousled style, sometimes accentuated with a bandeau. This style can be seen in the 1996 film version of Jane Austen’s Emma, worn by Emma herself (Gwyneth Paltrow) and a number of other characters.”

    So you don’t necessarilly need to put your hair up if you don’t want to. But I have a few alternatives if you would like to do that too.

    First here is a link with more ideas and information http://oregonregency.blogspot.se/2010/02/regency-ladies-tresses.html

    And here are two tutorials I found for shorter hair. Maybe either of those could work for your hair?
    http://vimeo.com/4652403 (there is a part 2 for this one at the side or somewhere)

    I hope that was of some help and that you find something which works for you! Please do not hesitate to contact me again if you have any other questions, I’m happy to help out if I can. :)Otherwise just have a great time at the dance!


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