One day I want a house like this…

I have a fondness for big, beautiful houses, the kind of houses the characters in Jane Austen’s novels live in, the kind we see in the film adaptations. My dream is to one day have such a house myself where I can live as in my own version of a Jane Austen story (dreaming away here…) and where I can host grand balls, to which you shall all obviously be invited!

So yes, I quite like these kind of houses. And so when the opportunity of visiting one came up last week I was rather pleased. 🙂

Sweden has its fair share of grand houses, and the region of Sweden where I live (Sörmland) is particularly rich in them! Which obviously I am happy about.

My mum and I had read in the newspaper about an exhibition which was to be shown at Nynäs slott, a grand estate about 1 ½ from where I live. This exhibition was on historic fashion, showing clothes from the very beginning of the 19th century. This sounded very interesting we though and decided to go there on the day they opened it, as the lady who had put it all together would also be there that day and talk about it. So that’s what we did.

The exhibition was lovely! The clothes on display ranged from about 1890 till 1915, and many had that Downton Abbey/Titanic look to them, which was great since that’s a new favorite era of mine! Most of the clothes had belonged to one and the same lady, and we got to hear about her and her life (and her clothes too obviously). It was very interesting and I loved seeing all the clothes! Unfortunately you were not allowed to take any pictures of them, which was a pity. There was one gorgeous black dress from 1900 which I particularly liked and would have loved to show you.

After finishing with the exhibition we spent some time just roaming around the gardens and grounds of this beautiful estate, had lunch in the conservatory, climbed a nearby hill to a little fort my brother Aron had spotted there and which we naturally had to visit. The view from there was quite spectacualr.

Welcome to my humble abode! (I wish…)

Spring flowers, and a beautiful house

My brother with the little fort…

…which we realized wasn’t quite that “little” after all

 Mum in the fort, with the beautiful view of the house

 Me and another view of the house

The cute little smithy. 

And this house was apparently used for the making of alcohol. It is pretty much three times the size of the smithy! It’s easy to see where their priorities lay… 😛

Even the barns were pretty! They had some of the prettiest details (windows especially) I’ve ever seen on a barn!

All in all it was a lovely day out, and I just thought I’d share a with you few of the pictures I took that day. Hope you enjoyed them. 🙂

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6 Responses to One day I want a house like this…

  1. Dorte Kreiberg says:

    I liked it very much, it is always very delightful to see what you have been up to, was is possible for you to buy a cataloque with pictures of the clothes? mange hilsener fra Dorte

  2. Thilda says:

    Eh….I am working in such a house 😉 Look here

    It is a pitty that pictures were not allowed, but maybe it is possible to by a cataloque.
    See you soon

  3. Jennifer says:

    Hi Aurora,

    Looks like a fun day. Lovely mansion.

    I hope you do have such house one day! Fun dream.

    Too bad they didn’t allow photos; I love clothes from that era.


  4. Aurora says:

    They didn’t sell any catalogues with the clothes unfortunately. But there were little brochures that you could take which had a little picture of every garment and the year it was from and such like. You can’t see very well from the pictures, but at least it is something. 🙂

    Oh wow Thilda! That is a BEAUTIFUL house!! I am quite jealous of you for working in such a gorgeous building! What is this house now?

  5. Thilda says:

    oh well 🙂 there is no reason to be jealous 😉 This house is now a Patent Attorney and Law firm. The attorneys!! are working in very beautiful rooms, (The staff´s rooms are very usual) and the doors and windows are partly original 1900. But the meeting rooms are like Ball halls. Sigh…. ;-). In this rooms we were allowed to watch the wedding from Prince William and Kate.
    Apart from this… there is an exhibition at the German Historical Museum in Berlin. European Dress in Detail, 1700 – 1915 You can watch the exhibition online. May I invite you ?:-)

  6. Aurora says:

    That exhibition looks amazing Thilda!!! I have looked at it online and it looks sooo nice! Have you gone to see it??

    See you in a few days now! 😀

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