Another picnic! This time in Stockholm

Tweet I have more than once complained about there being no Regency events in my country, Sweden has been severely lacking of anything like that. But lately a few small events has begun to spring up in the Stockholm area, one such being the ball I went to last summer and the LARP they had in the autumn, and a few days after I got back from Italy I got an invitation online to a Regency picnic. Sadly I couldn’t go that day, but to my delight the people who went to it and the lady who organized it where … Continue reading

Napoleonic weekend Lucca 5 – Picnic at a palace

Tweet The last part of the event in Italy was a visit to the gorgeous “villa” Villa Torrigiani. I wrote “villa” like that because even though that’s what it’s called, in my eyes it looks more like a palace. Don’t you agree? Pretty grand eh? I think it’s a beautiful building, but the person who built it may just have gone a little over board with the statues… This is a private house, it is the summer home of the family of a Prince and Princess. According to the information leaflet I got hold of there the last Marqius of … Continue reading

Napoleonic weekend Lucca 4 – Beautiful gardens

Tweet The morning after tha ball everyone enjoyed a nice sleep in, seeing as how the events of the day didn’t start until the afternoon. I spent the morning sitting around chatting to the others at the hotel, and then a few of us decided to go for a bike ride around the ring wall of Lucca. Such a nice thing to do! This day we were going to be spending outside of Lucca, visiting two of the many villas and estates that surround the city (I believe the guide who showed us around the day before mentioned there being … Continue reading

Napoleonic weekend in Lucca 3 – Grand ball

Tweet The grand ball at this event was, very conveniently for me, taking place at the same hotel where I was staying. This meant that we, me and my three room mates, were obviously the last people to arrive at the ball. 😛 You know when you think you have all the time in the world to get ready, you just need to get into a dress, do your hair and you’re more or less ready. And since it would literally only take us seconds to get where we needed to go we were in no hurry. So yes, we … Continue reading

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