Another picnic! This time in Stockholm

I have more than once complained about there being no Regency events in my country, Sweden has been severely lacking of anything like that. But lately a few small events has begun to spring up in the Stockholm area, one such being the ball I went to last summer and the LARP they had in the autumn, and a few days after I got back from Italy I got an invitation online to a Regency picnic. Sadly I couldn’t go that day, but to my delight the people who went to it and the lady who organized it where so happy about how it turned out they decided to do another one just a couple of weeks later! And that time I could go! 🙂

The picnic was held in the beautiful Haga park in Stockholm, in “Ekotemplet” (the echo temple).

Ekotemplet, where we had our picnic

Settling in and looking around inside the pretty ‘temple’

It was a stunning location and really rather perfect for a picnic like this! Right next to it is a big house known as Gustav III’s pavilion, a big pretty house, and in another direction very close by is Haga slott, home to the crown princess of Sweden, crown princess Victoria (and her baby girl, our new adorable princess Estelle! Just have to mention her too!). Sadly I didn’t get the chance to go and spy on her house, not this time. 😛

Gustav IIIs pavilion

I don’t know precisely how many we were for the picnic, I would guess it to have been somewhere around 20. Some people I had met before, at the ball last year, so even if there wasn’t anyone I knew very well I was at least familiar with quite a few of them. And everyone was very nice of course, which I find to be a general rule amongst people in the Jane Austen/Regency area!

Everyone brought their own picnic things (I had spent the previous day baking cakes and scones to bring with me, and packed it all up, along with some other things, in as nice and period correct looking wrappings and jars as I could find) and we had a very pleasant time sitting down inside the temple (which was like a pleasure house) eating and chatting. We were supposed to sit outside in the grass, but the weather Gods weren’t really on our side that day, so we were all quite happy at the fact that we had a roof!

And here follows a few picnic pictures

This lovely lady, Alexandra, brought her daughter with her! 

Per – the dance master

Ylva – the organizer

When everyone had eaten enough to feel satisfied we had some music! One young lady had brought her guitar, and another lady a flute, and with those as accompaniment we sang together some songs that would probably have been rather popular in Sweden back in those days. We sang several of Carl Michael Bellman’s songs, he is a (in Sweden) very famous song writer and poet who lived in the 18th century. Standing there in this beautiful venue all dressed up in costume singing these songs was really nice, even though I didn’t know all of them half as well as some other people did… 😛

As the sun made an apperance for a while a group of us decided to venture outside for a while, going for a nice leisurely stroll. This stroll was made slightly more adventurous as we had to make our way down a muddy hill with lots of stones and tree roots sticking up everywhere. Not a problem in modern attire, but our dresses and shoes were not meant for hiking!

As we came back to the temple it was time for dancing! Yep, picnic and dancing! There were some tourists about in the park, and as the music started and we began dancing we drew quite an audience. So we all had to do our best to look elegant and dance properly! All of a sudden our dancing was interupted as a rain shower with a force you don’t often see set in and it rained so hard that it actually came in on the sides of the temple, right where we were dancing! Slipping around in puddles and getting rained on while dancing was a new experience for me. The hem of my dress bears mud stains that I fear will take a long time to come out.

I think it is wonderful that initiatives are being taken by people here to do things, to create events, and I think Ylva who organized this has done a very good job with it! There are now lots of plans for doing more things, another picnic is coming up sometime in August I believe, and who knows what else there will be! Regency lovers in Sweden, there is hope! 🙂

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  1. Isabel says:

    Ooo it looks like it was lovely. Such a picturesque place to have a picnic, especially a regency one!!! Oh and me want the food!!!!! 🙂

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