My new find, an Edwardian parasol

You know I keep going on about nice parasols now and then? Well I’ve finally got myself one! It’s not a Regency lace parasol though, which is what I would have guessed myself, but a black Edwardian one.

A couple of days ago I went to see a play, one done by a very good friend of my family (and can I just point out here even though it has no relevance whatsoever to the rest of this post or to the topic on which I’m writing, that he does and absolutely amazing job with this play and it was brilliantly good!), the play is staged in an old mill house out in the countryside not far from where I live, and in this house there is also a little antique shop (I know, random eh?) owned and run by the lady who also owns the mill. And I went in for a look around after the play was over and spotted a parasol over in one corner of the room. Now a nice parasol is always of interest, but when I saw the lable my interest was piqued still further!

I found it too difficult to resist, so I bought it. And I’m very happy that I did! It will work perfectly with the 1912 outfit that I’m in the process of making (in the process = I have plans. And I have made a corset for it at least! Which by the way I should get pictures of to post here..).

I still haven’t quite figured out how to tie it up, or close it, properly with this little ribbon thing. I’m sure there is a trick to it.

It looks very black and dark, but the material is really quite sheer! 

It came with it’s original box and it’s in a good condition I think for being 100 years old. Sure it has a few little marks on it (I don’t know whether this parasol has ever been used, or if the marks are just signs of age) and the alot of the paint on the handle has fallen off, but somehow that all just adds to the charm of it! I love the fact that it shows that it is properly old, not just a replica!

The original box

I love the little paper lace on the inside of the box! You don’t get that when you buy and umbrella or parasol nowadays! 

Please excuse my far too modern outfit, but since I don’t yet have a full suitable outfit for it I just got a picture with what I was already wearing that day.

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6 Responses to My new find, an Edwardian parasol

  1. Thilda says:

    Oh my!!! I am delighted 🙂 I have never seen an Original box for 1900 parasols before ;-). I can´t wait to see your new dress.

  2. It’s lovely! Even in your modern dress, that last pictures of you is beautiful! Can’t wait to see your new clothing!

    Best, Quinn

  3. Anna V says:

    To use the closure, you just pull the ring over the button and it will close 🙂

  4. Aurora says:

    Thank you! Yes I am really happy with it myself! 🙂

    Thank you Anna, I will give that a try. 🙂

  5. Jennifer says:

    I like your new parasol and the box, so cool that the box was still there.

    I recently bought a parasol at an antique shot, too, and it has a little ring closure also. The ring just fits down over the little tips of the “spokes” and holds them closed; I liked that little ring closure so much (I had not seen one before) that I could not help but buy the parasol. My parasol still needs to be recovered though. You are so lucky to have found yours in such wonderful condition.

    I am looking forward to seeing your whole ensemble for the 1910s.

    Take care,

  6. Aurora says:

    Thank you Jennifer! I shall have to try that out! 🙂
    How nice that you also found a nice parasol! Yes I was very happy to see what a good condition this one was in, considering it is about 100 years old!

    After I’ve been to Bath I’m hoping to be able to get going with the rest of my outfit for this era. We’ll see 🙂

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