My Lizzie Bennet dress

I’ve made a new Regency dress! I know… some of you may be thinking, “this is the second one this summer, did she really need another dress?” well, perhaps not, but I wanted one!

I bought the fabric for this dress months ago, and before then I’d already had my eye on it for quite a while. You know the dress Elizabeth Bennet wears in the 1995 BBC version of Pride and Prejudice, a white, rather sheer dress with stripes (also white), elbowlenght sleeves and little tucks at the hem? She wears it on lots of occasions, when she first visits Pemberley, when she receives Jane’s letter concerning Lydia, when they receive Mr Gardiners letter… You know the one I mean? If that description did nothing for you however, here are a couple of pictures to show you which one I’m talking about. 😉

“Ah, that dress!”

Jane’s dress really isn’t too bad either…. hmm…

I love this dress. I love the simplicity of it, while at the same time it has little details which also makes it interesting. It is one of the dresses (one of the rather many dresses I grant you) that I have said to myself that one day I shall make myself one like that. So when I found this fabric that was very similar to that of her dress I found it very tempting!

I started working on this dress months ago, early spring sometime, but it was one of those projects that ended up getting stuck halfway. Or I got stuck halfway. Not because there were any major problems, just because I lost interest in it. And so it was hanging in my sewing room for rather a long time, giving me a little bit of a bad conscience every time I saw it, until a couple of weeks ago when I felt ready to continue my work on it. And once it was finished I was more than a little pleased with how it turned out! This dress is a very strong contestant as my own favorite of my Regency dresses! And without further ado, here are some pictures.

I made some changes from Lizzie’s dress. One thing I did was make a smooth bodice, her’s is gathered. And I also decided to line my bodice, as the fabric was just a bit too see-through for me to be comfortable with it!

Her dress has little cloth covered buttons, I decided to use mother of pearl ones for mine (mostly because that was the only suitable thing I had around and I couldn’t be bothered to wait 😛 )

This is what I always look like when I’m blogging. Just so you know… *cough

I love this road with all the old old oak trees! 

My sister Viktoria once again very kindly agreed to take some pictures for me, so I packed a basket full of somewhat odd things and we set of in search of good spots for a photo shoot. I got many wierd looks from people. Especially since one of the spots we found was just by a relatively big road, with lots of cars passing by the whole time. Slightly embarrassing, but we made the most of it and put on a good show for the drivers.

Here you can see the details of the sleeve more. And also some of the weird packing I brought with me..

Recognize this from Northanger Abbey? This scene was in the back of my mind as I asked Viktoira to take the following picture.

I’m sure the book Catherine Morland had was not “Dikter af Snoilsky” (poems by Snoilsky) but something rather more exciting. However this book looked the part, and even if Viktoria was only mildly interested in hearing me read aloud to her the thrilling poem “Tjurfäktaren” (the bullfighter) I found it all rather amusing. 

No place is wrong for a cup of tea! 

I do realize these hay bales are probably just a little on the modern side, but they made good props in the picture none the less. 

Before we started taking the pictures I had told Viktoria I wanted them to be sort of Lizzie Bennet, Marianne Dashwood, Catherine Morland inspired pictures. In the end it felt like what we had accomplished was more along the lines of Harriet Smith. Oh well…. 😛

This dress is most definitely coming with me to Bath this year (*gasp* I can hardly believe it’s only about a month left!!)! I may, just may, if I find the time and the material, whip together one more dress before then… But most likely not. I do however have another piece of clothing that is getting close to being completed. I will tell you more about that later though, all in due course.


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20 Responses to My Lizzie Bennet dress

  1. Elena says:

    This dress (and your skill at making it) is amazing! But I must admit I’m blown away by your 40’s dress, it reminds me so much of The Notebook and Pearl Harbor!

  2. Isabel says:

    The gown is gorgeous! And I love the Catherine Morland inspired photo. 🙂

  3. LadyD says:

    Looks very elegant. I always worry about how dirty an all white dress can get.
    I’ll be going to Bath this year too. Still working on my outfit.

  4. Annie says:

    Hello Aurora,
    I have just been shown your blog by my newest customer who knows you from coming to Bath. I run my own sewing business and felt I had to let you know what a beautiful dress you have made….as are all the others [I have been looking back through your old posts]. What a talented young lady you are….keep up the good work.
    A x

  5. Aurora says:

    Thank you all so very much for your kind words! 🙂

    Elena, thank you so much! I’m glad to hear you like my 40’s dress! I have watched the Notebook a couple of times, all the time drooling over the *beautiful* dresses in it! I have yet to see Pearl Harbor though, but after what you said I now have a desire to do so! 🙂

    LadyD, I know… That is the big downside to white dresses. 🙁 It is such a shame! I absolutely love white dresses, and white clothes in general, but I DO also have a habit of getting stains on most things that I wear… So I suppose it’s only a matter of time with this one too 😛 How lovely that you’ll be going to Bath too! Maybe I’ll see you there! And I look forward to seeing your outfit 🙂

    Annie, how happy I am to hear that you were shown my blog by someone who knows me from Bath! And a compliment from someone who is really ‘in the business’ so to speak means alot! Thank you!


  6. LadyD says:

    I tried making a white dress…but it looked awful on me. It really didn’t suit my complexion. So it got converted to an open robe which I’ll wear over my coloured dress. I even came up with a story in my head as to why it was a white open robe
    -as I’ve only seen one fashion plate with a white open robe over a coloured petticoat. lol!

  7. Aurora says:

    That is clever! Good idea to change it around that way so you can still wear it and feel happy in it! I confess that the times I’ve made something which ended up really not suiting me that thing, whatever it was, has usually just ended up hanging somewhere never being used. Because I was too lazy and couldn’t be bothered to change it… A fault I really should work on!

  8. LadyD says:

    I was the thrifty me…I’d invested money iun the fabric and time (hand sewing) into it…couldn’t bear to just discard it.
    I’ve just put some pics of the almost finished outfit up on my blog. Just got the buttonholes to do. All by hand.

  9. Jacqueline says:

    Hi Aurora!

    I love your dresses!! Especially this Lizzie Bennet dress. I admire your sewing skills… Hope to make a dress like this myself in time… Thanks for your inspiration!

    x Jacqueline from Holland

  10. Aurora says:

    Hello Jacqueline and thank you so much for your comment! I’m very happy to hear that you like this dress and thank you for your kind words!
    I hope you do go ahead and make a dress too! 🙂


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  12. Catalina says:

    Hi Aurora!
    I love your dresses, and especially the Lizzie Bennet one.
    May I ask if you used the pattern “Regency Gown pattern” (available at to make it? Thank you.
    Best regards,

  13. Judith Kiplinger says:

    Hi Aurora! My daughter and I have had the most fun browsing through your lovely blog. We also homeschool! Could you write to us to let us know what pattern you used for the white dress here? many thanks, Judith and Anne

  14. Aurora says:

    I am so sorry about not having gotten back to you sooner on this. I have been very bad at properly replying to my blog the last couple of months. Sorry about that!
    I am so excited to hear that you and your daughter have been enjoying my blog! And your homeschoolers too!!
    The pattern I used for this dress was the Sense & Sensibility Regency Gown pattern that you will find here it’s the pattern I’ve used for all of my dresses and I love it. 🙂

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  16. megan says:

    Did you use a pattern?

  17. Maggie says:

    Thanks for posting this. I am trying to make one right now but I don’t know how ou made the lines at the bottom of the dress. I also am wondering if you followed the pattern for the liner or made your own? Thanks.

  18. Aurora says:

    My appologies ladies! I should have said in the post what pattern I used, that was a miss on my part 🙂 The pattern I used was my ever trusty Sense & Sensibility Regency Gown pattern This pattern is very easy to use and is available both as a paper pattern and a downloadable one.

    Maggie, how lovely that you are making one! The pleats, or tucks at the bottom of the dress are really simple to make, I found this tutorial that might be helpful to you. It is probably easier with some pictures rather than me just trying to explain it 🙂
    I think for this dress I pretty much just followed the pattern.

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