“Your head runs too much upon Bath”

Tweet Mrs Morland tells Catherine this after she has returned from the Tilney’s at Northanger Abbey, and right now that applies to me too. I leave for Bath tomorrow morning, for the Jane Austen festival there (fourth time now for me!) and lately my head has “run too much upon Bath”! With preparations, last minute sewing and packing to be done how could it be otherwise? It will be a pleasure and a delight, as it always is, going back to this beautiful city again, participating in all those fun activites and events, and meet all my lovely friends there again. … Continue reading

To the Ends of the Earth

Tweet A little while ago I was made aware of the existance of a BBC mini series from 2005 called To the Ends of the Earth. I had never heard of this series before, but was left in no peace about it until I watched it! 😉 And when finally saw it, I was so glad I did! I loved it! So thank you Andrew for telling me about it and insisting I watch it! Based on a trilogy of books by William Golding this series is set in 1812, and it’s the story of passengers on a ship. A … Continue reading

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