Bath part 3 – Corsets, costume talks and music recitals

The Monday was a relatively quiet day for me in Bath. I had ‘only’ one event to attend so spent the rest of the day wandering around the city, shopping and just browsing shops.

The event I was going to attend was a talk entitled “All Laced Up!”, and, as you might be able to guess from the name, was a talk about corsets! Those who have read my blog for a while know that I’m a bit of a sucker for corsets, so this talk was a must for me to attend.

Corsetière Charlotte Raine (who’s website you can find here) gave a wonderful lecture on the history of the corset, with of course special focus on the Georgian and Regency era and the styles of that time. As well as showing many beautiful pictures and slides she had also brought along quite a few of the corsets she has made herself, as well as books and pictures. Having the chance to touch and even try on the corsets was wonderful in my eyes! And I fell quite in love with a gorgeous silk Tudor corset! Not the style I usually fancy, but I did like this one very much indeed!

Pretty corsets!

Having fun trying them on

Me in the Tudor corset I fell in love with

In the evening on that day my roommates were all going to the Baroque Dance Display, but I didn’t have ticket for that (and it was all sold out) so I stayed in our room at the B&B enjoying some quiet time with my newfound hobby; embroidering. Honestly, sitting there embroidering and watching an Agatha Christie adaptation on TV was a most pleasant way to spend the evening!

Next morning we had a very early start as Jeanette and I were first going to the airport in Bristol to pick up another lady who would be staying with us, before continuing on to visit the beautiful estate of Stourhead. I have quite a few pictures I want to post of that however so I have decided to make a whole separate post about Stourhead. So more about that there.

We didn’t spend all day there as we had to hurry back to another talk we were attednding in the afternoon. This talk was called “The Jane Austerity Look” and was a talk about how it is possible to create and achieve the Regency look without spending a fortune doing so. I found this talk very interesting and informative, gave me quite a few new ideas but also confirmed alot of what I already do and practice. I am very much for the idea of trying to make things from stuff you have, experimenting, saving ribbons and other bits and pieces when you come across them and anything else that you might be able to turn into something Regency looking. So I could agree with alot of what was said, and found it to be a most enjoyable talk.

I must say that over all I think the stadard of the talks at the festival have been very good all the times I’ve been to any of them!

That evening I attended a musical recital, “Music of the Drawing Room” done by the wonderful Regency Recitals. I have written about Regnecy Recitals on here before, it consist of my two good and extremely talented friends Clara Green and Chloë Potter. These two young ladies have performed at two occasions at this festival before, but this year for the first time they had their own event, and did a whole concert. It was such a wonderful concert, one of my favorite events of the whole week! They preformed many lovely songs that would have been popular in Jane Austen’s time, some of them well known to us today and some less so, but all of them lovely. In between the songs they entertained us with some short readings and little snippets of information about the song, composer or just some other interesting fact.
Unfortunately all my photos turned out very blurry, so I’m afraid the ones I have to show you are not the best. But I’ll include a few here anyway.
It was most lovely and I enjoyed it very much and felt very proud to know these two fantastic and talented young women!

The room where the recital was held was quite lovely. And it had a grand piano…! I love grand pianos!!

My least blurry picture, here you can see both Chloë and Clara

Clara singing

The pictures from Stourhead coming up!

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2 Responses to Bath part 3 – Corsets, costume talks and music recitals

  1. LadyD says:

    “sitting there embroidering and watching an Agatha Christie adaptation on TV was a most pleasant way to spend the evening”
    Something I’ve known for a while. I find any handsewing and a costume drama usually goes hand in hand.

  2. Annie says:

    Oh I wish I could get a corsette to give me your figure 🙂
    I so love the colour of the one you are trying on too.
    A x

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