Bath part 4 – Stourhead House and Gardens

So, Stourhead House and Gardens. I said in my previous post that I’d do a separate on just for this, because I have quite a few pictures I’d like to show you.

Now I don’t know if any of you are familiar with Stourhead. I wasn’t. Not before this trip. The Jane Austen festival had arranged a coach trip there on this day, but me and Jeanette and Nelleke decided to go on our own, in a rental car.

The house is a big nice house some 45 minutes outside Bath. The connection it has to Jane Austen is that a scene in the 2005 version of Pride & Prejudice was filmed here. The first proposal scene, the one in the pouring rain, is filmed at the Temple of Apollo at Stourhead.

Now, I confess I am not a big fan of this adaptation of P&P. I know there are many who love it and that’s great, but for me it has never really been a big hit. So the fact that parts of it was filmed here was more a fun trivia than something to actually make me feel particularly excited. But the house, and most especially, the gardens are well worth visiting on their own account, as I hope my pictures can show!

Postcard perfect!

It was windy, my hat almost flew off. Explanation for my slightly strange pose. 

Jeanette and het beautiful new/old parasol

We spent several hours just wandering the gardens. There was so much to see, so many pretty views to take in. And everywhere there were little temples, houses, fountains and bridges. All of it so pretty and all of it looking like you had just stepped straight into a painting or a postcard. I could happily have walked around the gardens all day long!

The coach trip group had arrived. You can see them in the distance beyond the bridge

The Temple of Apollo

Me admiring the view, and posing where the scene was filmed

Nelleke doing the same

Keira Knightley in Pride & Prejudice in the exact same spot where we were!

With some reluctance, at least on my part, we left the gardens behind us and ventured up to the house to have a look there as well. Now this was a very pretty house, with lots of interesting things to see and learn about in it, but the gardens still won over it in my eyes!

The actual house

I’m so glad we visited the house too though, if nothing else at least for the sake of the library! I loved this library! It was light and airy, but still had all those shelves and shelves of beautiful old books! I’m quite happily imagining myself with a library like this one day! One should always dream, because we don’t know, it may just come true! *fingers crossed 😉

A library like this would be heaven!

Honestly, I want, I want! 

I had such a lovely time at this place. We were very lucky too, when we were there we had the most beautiful sunshine but just as we got in the car and were driving out of the car park to head back to Bath it started pouring down! More fitting I guess for those wanting to have their Pride & Prejudice photos taken, but I’m still glad we got to see the place in the sun. 🙂

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2 Responses to Bath part 4 – Stourhead House and Gardens

  1. Libby Gohn says:

    This house so lovely! It reminds me very much of Evenwood in Michael Cox’s novels “The Meaning of Night” and “The Glass of Time.”

  2. Aurora says:

    Oh I am not familiar with those novels. By the sounds of it they could be something well worth looking up! 🙂

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