Bath part 5 – Shoes and Musicals

We have now reached the Wednesday at the festival. I feel I must get a move on writing these updates now since it is now already more than a month since this festival took place! Get writing Aurora!

My first event this day was another music one. A concert entiteld “Sweet Smells the Briar” where Soprano Gilian Dooley sang and Mike Parker played the harp. Performing songs taken from Jane Austen’s own collection it was quite a lovely concert.

I do believe a harp must be one of the prettiest instruments ever created! Not quite beating the grand piano, but it’s a close contestant! 

When I saw in the program for this years festival that there was going to be a talk called “You can never have too many… Gloves and Shoes” I knew I had to attend that! I am a firm believer in the statement that you can never have too many shoes! 😛 I like gloves too, but the shoes where what first and foremost caught my eye there.

This talk was given by the same lady who had done the talk on the Jane Austerity look the day before, Lindsey Holmes who works at Keat’s House Museum in London. She is a very nice lady with a great deal of knowledge on the subject of sewing and the fashion of this era. As you can imagine she talked about shoes and gloves, (I know, that was quite an obvious thing really) and showed lots of pictures of originals as well as showing several pairs she has made herself for exhibitions put on by the Keat’s House Museum. All in all another very enjoyable talk!

Original and reproduction of Fanny Brawne’s (John Keat’s betrothed) shoes that can now be seen at the museum, and which were also present at this talk (the reproduction that is)

Another reproducion pair of Fanny Brawne’s shoes. The words on the soles of the shoes read “I shall follow you with my eyes over the heath, you will have a pleasant walk today”. Not sure these words were on the original shoes but they are words written in a letter from Keats to Fanny. So romantic!

Not exactly Regency, but I very much agree with this quote! 😛

This evenings event was a musical! A Musical production of Sense & Sensibility performed by the Tin Roof Productions theater company from the USA.

I confess I was a bit sceptical about this one. I love musicals, but sometimes when they take a well known story and turn it into a musical the result, in my eyes, is a bit so so. Some are great, but sometimes it just feels a bit forced somehow. Like they decided it would be a good idea and then got someone to write a few songs and just threw them in there.

Whatever fears I might have had for something like that proved to be completely unfounded! I absolutely loved the show! It was fantastically well made, the actors did a great job all of them, it was very touching and soo funny! Yes, funny! Sense and Sensibility isn’t exactly a comedy, even if it of course has humorous parts in it, but I thought it was wonderful how with this performance they had managed to incorporate alot of humor into the story, without ruining it! I was most impressed. There were quite a few times when we were all shaking with laughter in our seats. Particularly at Mrs Jennings… It also included some audience participation, where a few volunteers (one of them didn’t look overly enthusiastic about it though, I *think* he may have felt slightly pushed by his lady to join in when they asked him…) got to participate in a few of the scenes, and were even given a few simple lines to say. They did well, and it was very amusing!

But it wasn’t only funny. It was also deeply touching I found, even if of course I knew the story like the back of my hand already. So well done to the cast and all the creators of this musical!

After the show was over the actors all stayed around and chatted and posed for pictures with anyone who wanted to have their picture taken together with them. I chatted for a while with a few of them (Edward Ferras, Elinor Dashwood and Elisa Brandon) and found them all to be extremely nice, friendly and pleasant people.

The whole cast

Willoughby, Elisa Brandon, Lucy Steele, Elinor Dashwood, Edward Ferras and Colonel Brandon

Noticing I was taking a picture of them Mr Ferras and Colonel Brandon instantly started posing 😛

Another post to follow within the next few days I hope. Until then, stay happy and keep warm! We had the first snow here yesterday and the weather is freezing and sitting by the computer I get very cold. So I think I must go and make myself a warming cup of tea now 🙂

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5 Responses to Bath part 5 – Shoes and Musicals

  1. Thilda says:

    It seems you had a lot of fun 🙂 I met some lovely ladies at the Jane Austen Ball in Nuremberg who also enjoyed this S&S Musical in Bath too and they could not stop talking about this. 🙂 So I am very happy to read your latest blog about this.
    I can´t wait to got to Bath next year and to see performances like this with my own eyes. Enjoy you cup of tea :-). Here in Germany it is cold and grey and I miss the summer so much.

  2. anna says:

    I’m green with envy as usual! Amazing dresses, and the stately home you visited looks like my Jane Austen dreamworld! The festival looks so much fun. Thanks for sharing, Aurora.

  3. Anna Milvain says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words about Sense and Sensibility, A Musical! I am overjoyed to hear you enjoyed the show. We had a marvelous time performing in Bath! Here’s hoping Tin Roof Productions can return to the festival in the future.
    Anna Milvain(Jane Austen in Sense and Sensibility)

  4. Audrey says:

    I’m so glad you enjoyed the show. It was quite grand to come to Bath to perform one of Jane Austen’s greatest stories. And, as Anna said, we hope can return to the festival in the future.
    ~ Audrey (Eliza Williams and Cassandra Austen in S&S)

  5. Aurora says:

    Thank you for your comments Anna and Audrey! I’m glad you found my blog and like the post I did. I very much enjoyed your performance, and I will keep my fingers crossed that you make it back for next years festival! 🙂

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