Pride and Prejudice is 200 years old!!

Tweet As most of you are probably aware today is an important date, not only for us Janeites but for the literary world in general. It was on this day, the 28th of January 1813, 200 years ago that one of the greatest books of all time was first published: Pride and Prejudice. Since that day it has been read by millions of people all over the world. Generation after generation has been delighted, enchanted and captivated by the story of the spirited and witty Elizabeth Bennet and the broody and proud but oh so fascinating Mr Darcy. 200 years … Continue reading

Downton Abbey dresses at the Hallwyl Museum in Stockholm

Tweet I have mentioned Downton Abbey here on my blog quite a few times before, I just love that series! So it was with great excitement I first heard the news that the Hallwyl Museum in Stockholm would be putting on an exhibition with dresses from it! The Hallwyl Museum (Hallwylska Museet) is, for those who haven’t been to Stockholm and visited it, a turn of the century (last century that is, so end of 1800s beginning of 1900s) house which has been turned into a museum. I say house, but it’s more like a little palace right in the … Continue reading

History + food + TVseries = great combination

Tweet Several years ago there was a series done by BBC entitled The Supersizers Go… (fill in with name of an era). This is a brilliant series about history, food and the customs and etiquette that surrounds it put together to create a piece of both informative and wonderfully amusing entertainment! I began watching it first a couple of years ago. I saw one episode and quite enjoyed it but forgot about it again and didn’t watch any more. It wasn’t until relatively recently when I by chance happened to come across them again and started to get more into … Continue reading

Happy New Year!

Tweet I have not been good at posting alot on here lately, which makes my blog rather uninteresting to read I know. I am however in the process of changing things around on here and my plan is to breathe some new life into it all and make it more fun both for you guys and for myself. So bear with me a little longer, I’ve got several posts planned and will hopefully get them up soon. Untill then I just want to take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful, prosperous, magical and simply Happy New Year!! May … Continue reading

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