“…we all know at times what it is to be wearied in spirits. Mine, I confess, are exhausted”

Tweet That quote is from Emma, and I think we can all relate to it now and then. There are times filled with fun, dancing and laughter, and there are times which are less merry and enjoyable. I have not been having the greatest last few weeks, nothing major or dreadful has happened, just things have been a bit stressful and up and down emotionally. This has effected my blog and I haven’t gotten around to writing the posts I have planned. But I think things are starting to look up, and soon I will be able to make plans … Continue reading

Scents and Sensibility

Tweet I know that a long time ago, probably a couple of years ago now, I posted a trailer for a movie called Scents and Sensibility. This is a modern “adaptation” of Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility and I heard about it for the first time before it was even out yet. But then I sort of forgot all about it, it slipped my mind and I never watched it. Until very recently when a friend of mine saw a copy of it in a shop and mentioned it to me, knowing how much I love anything Jane Austen. That … Continue reading

Winter Ball in Haarlem – Holland

Tweet The ball season started earlier for me this year than it usually does. It is only the first of March and I’ve already been to one ball. This ball was in Holland, in a town called Haarlem. “1813: Keetje Hodshon requests the pleasure of your company” was the title of the invitation sent out for the event. Keetje Hodshon was a lady who once lived in this big house in Haarlem, Hodshon house and it was in her house and in her honor so to speak that the ball was held. I have long wanted to try out an … Continue reading

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