Bath part 2 – Grand Regency Promenade

Tweet So, to make up for last posts lack of photos I have now made a rather picture heave post here. I was going to include the evenings ball in the same post, but after seeing how many photos I ended up chosing for this I think I’ll split them in two. 😉 Saturday morning came and to everyone’s delight and relief it was NOT raining! It was a lovely dry though not terribly warm day. Perfect for a promenade in other words. We all got into our parading outfits (for the first time I wore an outfit I’d already … Continue reading

Bath and the Jane Austen Fesival part 1

Tweet So I’m back home and here is my first post about my recent trip to Bath. Where to start…. Well at the beginning I suppose. It was an early morning start from home on the Friday. It was a very foggy morning which meant that the plane couldn’t leave on schedule. An hours delay on a flight isn’t really so bad but it did mean that I had to rush from the airport, through London with all my luggag to finally sit down, very sweaty and tired on the train that would take me to Bath. Fortunately I did … Continue reading

I’m part of a photo exhibition!

Tweet So I leave for Bath in the morning, and I’m running around like crazy packing the last things and being convinced I have forgotten to do something important. So all is as it usually is the night before going somewhere. 😛 I actully managed to squeeze in a short little visit to Stockholm today in the afternoon, to sort out a few errands but mostly to attend the opening of an exhibition of photography at the Kulturhuset in the center of the city. Earlier this year I was contacted by a lovely young lady who studies photography and who … Continue reading

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