Bath and the Jane Austen Fesival part 1

So I’m back home and here is my first post about my recent trip to Bath.

Where to start…. Well at the beginning I suppose. It was an early morning start from home on the Friday. It was a very foggy morning which meant that the plane couldn’t leave on schedule. An hours delay on a flight isn’t really so bad but it did mean that I had to rush from the airport, through London with all my luggag to finally sit down, very sweaty and tired on the train that would take me to Bath. Fortunately I did manage to get on the right one and then spent the next hour conversing with a lovely lady sitting next to me who turned out to know more than a thing or two about the Regency and Georgian era! She had even written a book on the subject! We didn’t struggle to find topics to discuss. 🙂

These days when the train pulls into Bath station it all feels very familiar. I love this city. Not only for its connection to Jane Austen (though that is of course one big thing in its favor) but because it is a truly beautiful and charming place, and the people are, in my experience so friendly and nice.

As those who have followed my blog for a while might know I often stay together with a group of friends at either a B&B or in a rented house. It makes the whole expereince more fun I think (and more affordable) to share it with others. This year I was staying together with the Carlton Set. A group based in London arranging events and get-togethers, and now they had arranged a house party in Bath for the first days of the festival. I knew some people in the group already and one of my friends had suggested I come stay with them. So that’s what I did.

In the evening we had the first event on the schedule. It was an evening in the Georgian Pleasure Gardens. We were all set up and ready to go, we were going as a masked party and having a picnic afterwards. But things don’t always go according to plan. Unfortunately something happened that day which I have never before experienced, to that extent, on a visit to Bath…. it rained. And not a light drizzle, I’ve had that before, but it really was pouring down!

A few of us still decided to brave it and got into our costumes (though not the outfit I had planned to wear, I don’t think the feathers would have approved of the rain..) and set off, huddling under umbrellas and skipping between the puddles.

The event, I’m sorry to say, I cannot report much of. There were supposed to be musicians and theatricals and other exciting things, but after listening to the musicians for a few minutes I gave up and went inside a cafe for a hot chocolate with some of my friends who I bumped in to there. Our picninc obviously was cancelled and instead turned into a lovely candle-lit buffet back at the house we were staying.

Ok I know this post was a bit boring with only three bad pictures. I felt I had to admit the fact that sometimes it’s rainy and miserable (well, as miserable as it could be with lots of amazing people around of course!) at these events too. I promise lots more pictures in my next post; the grand Regency Promenade!

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4 Responses to Bath and the Jane Austen Fesival part 1

  1. Dorte Kreiberg says:

    It was not boring, having arrived in Bath myself by train, I like it when you describe your trip, and I am of course sorry for you that it rained, but that happens, so it is a real story you are telling, keep on with that, I will be looking for your next blog, as usual, THANKS!!!! Dorte

  2. Mrs. April says:

    Oh, no rain! Well, my dear, no one can blame you for hurrying back inside. Who wants to ruin a beautiful dress, and shoes, and hair in a torrent of rain? No, I would much rather have stayed indoors and enjoyed the candlelight buffet. Despite the rain, it sounds like you still managed to have a memorable and meaningful time with the wonderful ladies you stayed with.

    I loved reading your reaction to the city: “These days when the train pulls into Bath station it all feels very familiar. I love this city. Not only for its connection to Jane Austen (though that is of course one big thing in its favor) but because it is a truly beautiful and charming place, and the people are, in my experience so friendly and nice.”

    It sounds like Bath holds a magical and enchanting place in your heart. Even the rain couldn’t wash that magic away. As always, I enjoyed reading your post, and “listening” to you describe the kind woman you met on the train. What an interesting coincidence! I can’t wait to read your next post. I’m hoping it didn’t rain during the Promenade, but I suppose even a few of Jane Austen’s heroines had to face unexpected rain.

    Jane Austen must have had her fair share of rainstorms since rain plays such a symbolic role in many of her books. Here is a favorite passage from Sense and Sensibility:

    “Is there a felicity in the world,” said Marianne, “Superior to this? Margaret, we will walk here at least two hours.”

    Margaret agreed, and they pursued their way against the wind, resisting it with laughing delight for about twenty minutes longer, when suddenly the clouds united over their heads, and a driving rain set full in their face. Chagrined and surprised, they were obliged, though unwillingly, to turn back, for no shelter was nearer than their own house.

  3. Priscilla .W says:

    I’m so glad to hear you arrived safe and sound! Thanks for keeping us updated. Now, I must read your second post about the Promenade. I caught a quick glimpse of some of the pictures. Looks like a beautiful event!

  4. Zaqueu says:

    I too am new to the blogging world, and I tried to come up with a relaly creative title for my blog. I decided that simple and to the point is probably best for me! I like how you mixed 2 of your passions to form your name–great idea!

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