Bath part 3 – Assembly Room Ball

So. Yes. Post three.

After the promenade we headed back to our house to get ready for the ball as I said. I quite like the getting ready part. As long as you are not in too much of a hurry. I can fully understand how women back in those days could spend hours getting dressed!!

For this ball I decided to wear my blue velvet dress again. It felt a little too wintery perhaps being so heavy but I wanted to wear it. And paired it with pearls and feathers. I’ve got a new thing for feathers. Have never really worn them much before but they really are fun and make an outfit that much more interesting I think. 🙂

The ball in the Assembly Rooms was lovely as always. I had the feeling there were more people than last year, but I can’t say if that was really the case or just my impression.
This ball is, as I’m sure many of you are aware, not officially part of the Jane Austen Festival. It is arranged by some other people, Farthingales, and there seems to be bad feelings or some sort of rivalry between the two organisations (that is at least what the gossip is) and they don’t cooperate. Which is a great pity I think. Because this means that the ball is not advertised anywhere and people who don’t know about it have a hard time finding out there even is one. Some people were telling me they found out about it through my blog which made me happy to hear because I feel like I’ve been able to help out. 🙂 And also because they don’t cooperate they place big events at the same time. So the Regency Fashion show which I would have loved to see because it sounded like such a fun thing was something I missed out on becuase they did that at the same time. And I heard several people saying the same thing, that it was a pity. Oh well. I guess you can’t do everything. But I just think it’s a pity that they don’t work with each other instead, as the same people who go to all these events would be interested.

Anyway, rant over. 😛 Here are some pictures instead

With two of the loveliest ladies in the world, Isabel and Claire!

Dancing in full swing

Beautiful Miss Isabel

And lovely Miss Claire twirling around the ballroom

Me with Isabel and Jeanette. We’ve done so many events together now that no event feels really complete if they are not also there!

Eliane from Switzerland, another lovely lady. Some of the photos for this post I’ve borrowed from her

Me chatting to a couple of the gentlemen, Matthew and Zach, between the dances

I was quite pleased with the way my hair turned out for this evening and I’m glad Claire got a picture of it because I completely forgot to 

Zach, Helena, Ian and Rob at our table for dinner

It was a good evening with lots of lovely dances, many of which I am now very familiar with, and a nice dinner. My table was slightly neglected though and when all the other tables were served marzipan fruits at the end of the meal we were forgotten about. So me and one of the others, Zach, set out for a hunt for marzipans when everyone was heading back to the ballroom. We collected quite a few that were left at the tables and were quite happily stuffing ourselves with our finds.

Our group split at the end of the evening some deciding to take a taxi back home and some wanting to walk. I walked as that is usually my preference. I don’t like walking on my own through the center of Bath on a Saturday evening though. Because you DO get quite a lot of people (most rather drunk) commenting on your outfits and you don’t really go unnoticed by. But as long as I’m not alone that is not really a problem. It can even be rather amusing at times. Highlight this time though was the drunk person who asked us what we were doing (or whatever it was he asked, I can’t remember) and one of the gentlemen in my group offering him some snuff from his snuffbox. I don’t think that drunk person was expecting that and we had some good laughs over that incident.

Sunday was another nice day, and I’ll be telling you all about it soon so stay tuned! 😀

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8 Responses to Bath part 3 – Assembly Room Ball

  1. LadyD says:

    Ooh, you must let me know info about that ball for 2014. It looks great. With JAF its annoying they have promenade one end of the week and ball at the other. this way I could do promenade and a ball. 🙂
    It looks like you all stepped back in time.
    I remeber last year at the festival walking past a pub (looking for a place to eat dinner) and getting asked who was king and what year it was…oh and had I met napoleon. lol!

  2. Thilda says:

    I really love all the pictures you made, especially your outfit. I remember it was pretty cold this evening and I think it was a good Idea to wear you elegant “winter” Gown. I do not understand why some people think that Farthingale is a Rival Event. There were so many events during the whole Festival and if it is not possible to join a special event this year one can see it next year. I was thinking about to go to the Farthingales too, but my wallet said: Decide! Either Farthingales or Masked Ball :-P. But the more Balls the better and JA Festival 2014 will hopefully will take place again- with two Balls :-). Can´t wait to read your further post. :-). Thilda

  3. Llinos says:

    Your clothes are so beautiful. What a lovely event. I’m determined to go next year!

  4. Aurora says:

    LadyD I certainly will! It is, as I said, unfortunately not easy to find out about unless someone tells you. Which is a pity. They usually have their ball the first weekend which is good I think, because then you get a ball in each end of the festival. Excellent for when people can’t stay the whole time. Last year they were both one day after each other which wasn’t quite as good I thought.
    This is their website, no information about next years ball yet on there but it’s probably a little early for that.

  5. Aurora says:

    Thank you Thilda and Llions!

    Yes I know that feeling, the wallet doesn’t always want you to do as much as you want. I hope you can go next year!! 😀

  6. Priscilla .W says:

    Hello Aurora,

    Thank you so much for this lovely post! I enjoyed reading it and found myself chuckling when your friend offered the drunk man some snuff. Oh, that is too funny! I’m certain he must have been quite confused. Your hair and velvet blue dress are exquisite and I DO like the white feather. The more I see these beautiful pictures, the more I am determined to go someday. It’s a shame that these two organizations are at odds. Very ironic.

  7. QNPoohBear says:

    I was at the fashion show and didn’t know about the Farthingale Ball until I saw a couple grab a horse drawn carriage to take them to the Assembly rooms. oooh it must have been amazing! I think I would have been too jet-lagged to attend even if I had known about it and wanted to go. Your pictures are great! Thanks for letting us in on the experience.

  8. Jana says:

    I was just in Bath December 2013 and didn’t have time to visit the Jane Austen museum. We have a regency ball in the states (Michigan, USA) in March 2014 and I am surprising my sister by taking her. I’m also making our dresses and modifying clothing for our boyfriends out of charity shop clothing. It should be a lot of fun and I am really looking forward to it. Next time I’m in Bath I will try to time my visit with this ball as it looks like a lot of fun!

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