Bath part 6 – last post

So, its been a while again. This time it is mainly because my boyfriend whom I haven’t seen in more than a year has finally come over to Sweden and the last three weeks I’ve spent mostly just enjoying being with him again. Everything else has sort of been put on hold. But I think I should try to wrap up my Bath story here now, I’ve been long enough writing it now so I’ll just do one post for the last few things. Cram it all in.

Monday the rest of my group left Bath, but before setting off some of them were going to visit this great house outside Bath, and since I had nothing else planned for that morning I decided to come along. This house was called Bowood House and it was, just like every other big house I have visit in England, lovely.

Bowood House

Beautiful, don’t you think?

Albert looks like he owns the place!

Seriously one of the cutest statues I’ve ever seen. It’s asleep!! 

I love how all these great houses always have some form of water somewhere, makes for such good pictures! 

And then, it started raining. Heavily… (great photo from Jeanette!)

We saught shelter under this arch

Then we found a massive playground, with a ship! Of course the boys had to get on it..

And we ladies stood crying on the shore waving farewell as they sailed off..

In the afternoon straight after coming back from our little outing I had a dance workshop to go to. It was my good friend Aylwen and her husband John from Australia who held this one. I’ve never been to a dance run by them so it was fun to finally do that. And of course as always, great fun just to be dancing.

Picture of the dance workshop by my friend Justin, since I didn’t get around to taking any myself

Here you can see a close-up of the back of my new dress (and my messy hair. Intentionally done that way) I actually love this dress 🙂

After that and after having had dinner with some friends it was time for me to find the place where I was going to stay for the remainder of my nights in Bath. I was staying at a sort of B&B place but the lady who owned it wasn’t there that day so had given me instructions on how to let myself in. Problem was I had a phone that didn’t want to work properly so I couldn’t call anyone and of course could only use the internet on it when I had wi-fi, and contrary to my belief I couldn’t access that email without the internet connection. So there I was standing in a dark street infront of a completely dark house about 20 minute walk to where my closest friend was staying (and I didn’t want to drag my bags all that way!) without knowing how to get in. And I was still in costume. After thinking it over for a while I did what I really had hoped I wouldn’t have to do, I rang the door of the nextdoor house. This man opened and I started of straight away by saying “Hello, I have a bit of a strange request to make”, explained my situation and asked if by any chance I could possibly use his wi-fi? He was so kind and helpful! I eventually explained that I was in Bath for the festival, trying to explain my odd outfit and his reaction was “oh so that’s what it was! I didn’t want to say anything!”

Anyway with his help I got into the house (it just makes me happy when strangers are so helpful and genuinley nice, I think little stories like that are worth sharing for that reason 🙂 ) only to find out a few minutes later that the only other person staying there (who just happened to arrive then) was none other than Beata, a lovely lady I have had the pleasure of meeting and talking to on several of my previous Bath trips! I don’t know which one of us was more surprised to bump into each other there on the stairs!

Long story there, sorry I’ll move on now.

Next day I had the only talk I was able to attend this time (I was going to attend another, by the lovely Serena Dyer whos talks I’ve always enjoyed so much before) but to my disappointment I overslept and missed it!! 🙁 So this was the only talk I was able to do and it was a talk on the etiquette of the Regency era. A very interesting talk where we learnt all about how one takes ones snuff the proper way, how to greet people in the street when you meet them, and also, how to insult someone. All this and much more. And the audience was called on to help out and assist in demonstrations. It was a good talk and I enjoyed it.

I was going to attend another event that evening also, some Regency zombie event they had. Now, zombies are not really my thing, but after having taken part in a “scary walk” thing my brother organized this summer as a zombie I thought it could be interesting to see what this was. But I didn’t end up going because I recieved an invitation that was more appealing than that. This invitation was to a game of cards and games at the (for the week) rented apartment of some new-found friends, Angela and Megan. We weren’t such a larg party, it was the two ladies of the house, me, Isabel and Noora (who is from Finland! Always exciting meeting people from my part of the world when I’m away). I am not usually a massive fan of cards or playing games like that, but I can honestly say I had a fantastic evening! Possibly the most enjoyable one out of the whole trip. We played some cards but it was all so light and fun, we had plenty of goodies to eat and drink (lemonade!) and were laughing and talking. We were gambling too (not with real money let me point that out, just with tokens and things that were all given back to their rightful owner at the end of the evening) and towards the end Megan and Noora were both in a bit of trouble having lost all their “money” a long time ago and were starting adding both jewllery and hats and minatures of “dead husbands” to the pile. It was hilariously funny!

Angela, me, Megan and Isabel (picture by Noora)

One with Noora in it as well

I can’t remember the name of this game but judging by poor Megan’s body language it’s not going too well.. 

My winnings at the end of the evening (sadly I had to give it all back haha), hat, jewllery and all

Megan lost all her bling! And the miniature portrait of her “husband”

So yeah. That was my trip to Bath this year. Next morning I met up with Isabel for a last cup of tea together before getting on the train to the airport. It felt a bit sad to leave so early, while there were still so many people left and still so many events happening. But at the same time I was quite happy with doing a shorter trip this year. However next year I think I wouldn’t mind staying the whole festival should that be possible…

I’m sorry this post was a bit crammed and long. I just wanted to finish off my Bath stories without any further delays. And I’m quite excited to say I’ve got a new and slightly different sewing project to share with you next time; my first attempt at an item of gentlemen’s clothing! 😀

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5 Responses to Bath part 6 – last post

  1. QNPoohBear says:

    I really enjoyed reading about your trip. It sounds like you had a great time. I liked reading about the different things I didn’t get to experience. Etiquette was sold out by the time I mustered the energy to go but I did see Mr. Adams give a presentation on setting the table. He was very enthusiastic and amusing.

  2. LadyD says:

    Looks like a fun evening. I’m planning my outfits already for 2014. Hope we can meet up some time at Bath. Only got a quick hello last time. Hoping to do much more of the event this time.

  3. Quinn says:

    Bowood House is beautiful indeed! What a cute sleeping statue. And such fabulous pictures, especially the one that captures the rain. I’m glad that kind man was able to help you.


  4. Priscilla .W says:

    As always, it’s been fun “going along” on your trip and it’s so nice that you are willing to allow us this sneak peep into all your adventures. I LOVED all of these pictures…I especially liked the picture of ya’ll underneath green archway.

    It somehow reminds me of the Secret Garden. I look forward to seeing your new sewing project. What an ambitious move towards gentlemen’s clothing. Well, we shall all be waiting in much anticipation to see it.

    Until then….

    Priscilla .W

  5. Aurora says:

    I am so glad to hear you enjoyed my posts from Bath! Sorry they got a bit dragged out.

    LadyD I really hope we can meet up more next year! Or perhaps in London some time before then!

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