Merry Christmas!!

Just checking in with you all to say MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful holiday season and get to spend it in the way you most want to.

Here are some pictures of a recent project of mine and Andrew’s, a Regency gingerbread house! A fun and challenging project that took a grand total of 8 hours to complete, but I think it  was worth it.


Obviously we had to dress appropriately for the photos!

Apart from the crack that makes it looks like the house has been through and earthquake it turned out really well we thought

Yes, I know, he IS handsome!

Finishing touches

Looking mighty proud of the result


Dreaming about a future in a real house like this perhaps…?

The final resting place

So, once again from me (and Andrew) a very Merry Christmas to you all!!!!

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8 Responses to Merry Christmas!!

  1. Dorte Kreiberg says:

    Dearest Aurora, what a fine house, and a good looking young couple, Merry Christmas to you and all in your house, here the dinner is in the oven and we are waiting for our oldeste son Adam, and waiting to see our son and family on skype in a short while, so when waiting I checked your blog, all the best from Denmark, Dorte

  2. Annika says:

    The idea of creating a Regency Ginger House is just great and it looks so awesome! The photos are brilliant and it seems as if you two are very happy (and had a lot of fun ^^)! Gratulations to you and all the best wishes for your Christmas days and new year!
    Greetings from Germany, Annika

  3. Priscilla .W says:

    Hello Aurora (and Andrew)

    Now THAT is a gingerbread House! It is Christmas Morning here in California and what a lovely surprise to see these photos. What a great looking house and a great looking couple you are! Love Andrew’s uniform. Have a wonderful Holiday season and a Happy New Year.

    Priscilla Williams 🙂

  4. QNPoohBear says:

    That gingerbread house looks amazing! Great job!

  5. Janey says:

    Amazing !
    Merry Christmas and happy new year 🙂

  6. Jennifer says:

    Hi Aurora,
    Wow, that is a great gingerbread house! And you and your boyfriend look great in your Regency clothes, too. He certainly is handsome and a lucky fellow to have such lovely and talented girlfriend.
    Merry Christmas! ….I can say that on Jan. 11, because my Christmas tree is still up and I am still enjoying it.

  7. Wow, so detailed! I think with a great deal of effort I might be able to manage a small, dilapidated regency farmer’s hut. Maybe. I like the columns especially.

  8. Aurora says:

    Hi and thank you all for your comments! I am so late in getting back to you all I know, sorry. But I sure enjoy them all!
    The gingerbread house I confess is still up there on the piano, we haven’t yet had the heart to eat it or take it down haha but with spring well on its way maybe it is high time now..!

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