Opera in Georgian Costume

Before I start this post let me warn you right away that it will be very picture heavy!

I have been wanting to write this for literally a year now, and am sad it has been so long in coming. I can’t remember if I ever mentioned last year that I was trying out a new era with my sewing, the Georgian era. I had been contemplating thsi for quite a while but you know how it is, it isn’t so quick and easy to just jump into a new era just like that, building up a complete outfit takes time as there are many different parts of it. So this Georgian outfit had been a long time coming. And the first step was, obviously, once again a corset. Now I know I just showed you a couple of corsets, and though I am happy with those ones too I have to tell you, this one is my pride and joy. It was one of those projects which were allowed to take all the time it wanted, it was made 100% by hand (and sewing all those boning channels took a looooong time!) and literally contains both blood, sweat and tears. And I guess that is part of why it is extra special to me, the work and time it took to make it. For boning I used basket making reed (if that is what you called it) which worked just fine, appart from that one piece at a time it isn’t so sturdy and this meant that quite a few of them snapped half way pushed in. Not so fun. My fingers were covered in blisters by the end of it.

So once that was completed I made a pair of basket panniers following a tutorial on The Dreamstress’ website. I don’t have any pictures of those yet but they were both fun and easy to make.

A petticoat I made using a cheap and rather nasty unused sheet and following the instructions on Koshka the Cat’s website. Super easy and quick!

And then it was time for the actual dress. I was aiming for an outfit from around 1775, and I, for the first time, used a pattern out of Janet Arnold’s Patterns of Fashion. And it worked out really well actually. I wasn’t planning to spend so much money on this, but when looking for a fabric I saw this gorgeous curtain material that I just couldn’t resist.

So this is the final result.

I was rather pleased with how my hair turned out too 

 Now that I had the dress what better than an occasion to use it! And I got that quite soon after. My wonderful boyfriend gave me tickets to the Royal Opera in Stockholm to see a production of Andrea Chénier, a not so well known opera set during the French revolution. And his idea was that we both dress up in costume for the occasion. I am so lucky to have someone who likes to do things like that with me! And of course this meant I had to quickly whip together a Georgian style jacket for Andrew and a pair of breeches.

Georgian Andrew

My friend Beata came along with us to take some photos in the beautiful gold hall of the opera. We got quite a bit of attention and more than one “good luck for the show!” 😉

Because it was the middle of winter I had to make a cloak too, wool with fake fur. I love it! Andrew borrowed a cloak from my brother for this.

This is my personal favorite picture! 

It was a great evening, and I was so excited to try out a new era! I’ve worn it once since then, which I will tell you about later. But I’ve got several plans of new gowns already….

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4 Responses to Opera in Georgian Costume

  1. Annika says:

    Not expecting a blogpost from you so soon and now… THIS! <3
    It is so lovely and amazing and such a beautiful paring (the clothes, the colours and you two, of course ^^)!!! Cannot wait to see and hear more. 🙂

  2. Lily says:

    Amazing!!! And how FUN that you both dressed up for the opera! You two were made for each other. 🙂

  3. Esther says:

    So much fun!!! I love your dress! It is indeed so neat and special that you both dressed up for the show!!
    Lovely pictures and projects!! (And couple…)

  4. Ansu says:

    Oh, WOW! What a gorgeus dress and what a gorgeus couple! 🙂

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