My readers are the best! :)

I once again want to thank you for your fantastic responses to my previous post. It was such an encouragement to read your thougths and opinions. And once again it was a reminder to myself of how sometimes when battelling a question in my mind and coming to no conclusion sometimes asking for help isn’t such a bad idea really. Because I can really be one of those persons who won’t ask for help but will try to solve everything myself. And the silly thing about it is that I know people are often so happy to help! So it is good to get wonderful reminders of that sometimes. 🙂 You guys are the best!


Andrew and I are having a short break from Göteborg right now and are up with my family in the countryside. It’s a long weekend here and I need to be in Stockholm on Monday together with my class, so we thought we might as well go home for a bit. It is always good to come home for a visit, although I’m enjoying trying out city life I really am a country girl at heart. And especially at this time of the year when spring is in full swing all around being in the countryside is nice.


So it’s been a relaxing weekend so far. Today I was trying out some ‘Downton Abbey’ hairstyles, beacause I realized I only have a week left until the end of term exhibition and fashion show at school where I will be wearing my complete outfit and walk the catwalk in it. So it was high time to figure out what to do about my hair! But I think I’ve got something that will work now, so hopefully I’ll be able to show you that in about a week! 🙂

I am getting slightly nervous about this catwalk thing. I’ve never done something like that before and it’s really exciting, but a little bit nerving too… Andrew will be walking with me in the outfit I’ve made for him, and I have to say I think he will really look the part!

It will be a fun experience I’m sure! 🙂


Oh and on a completely unrelated subject, I assume you’ve all  heard about the new little baby princess born today?? Congratulations William and Kate! I’m a die-hard royalist and so news like these are always important to me!

I was actually very annoyed when two days ago I was talking to a couple of friends and neither of them were aware of the fact that it was our King’s birthday that day! But then I am aware that not everyone in Sweden is as big supporters of the Royal family as I am. Sadly.


Off to sleep now, but I will talk to you all soon!


Aurora xx



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2 Responses to My readers are the best! :)

  1. Annika says:

    A little late for more or less helpful advise, but… not late for telling you how glad I am, that you found the others´ comments helpful!
    Your blog has been a great inspiration for me and to hear from you on all the subjects mentioned before and literally anything you want to share, is an honour and delight to me and I believe many of your readers.
    So I wish you are having a lovely weekend, great springtime in the country and lots of inspiration 🙂
    Your “random” entry on the newborn princess was surprising and great! Loved to hear the news.

    Oh, before I leave the comment section to all those other lovely people out there: Good luck for next week! Cannot wait to see your outfit, your hair and the picture of you and Andrew! You will surely look stunning as always! <3
    Bye, Annika

  2. Priscilla .W says:

    The Little Princess is adorable. She looks like the Queen.
    I am one of those people who has been much anticipating her arrival and here in the USA there has also been so much excitement over this. Not random at all and clearly something that interests you, and me, and others too. Now, what shall her name be? Hmmm….I wonder??

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