My outfits are finally done! This is what they looked like on the catwalk!

Ok finallay, after a whole school year of sewing a couple of days ago it was time for the end of year show and catwalk. I’ve already mentioned this coming up, and it was a very stressful week leading up to it, we had a different project (costumes for a big opera that we had been asked to make!) that needed to be completed in very short time. So it was a very full on week with long days. And then there was the catwalk!¬†


We all had the choice between being part of the catwalk or have our things on show in the school exhibition. I decided early on that I wanted to do the catwalk, but there was just one more of the girls in my class who also wanted to. So that meant that out of the 11 people in my class only two of us walked the catwalk. I thought it was a little bit of a pity that not more of them wanted to do it, but of course we all should choose what suits us best ūüôā

On the day before, Friday, we had the first rehersal. And it felt horrible. I really did not feel happy or comfortable after that rehersal. For one because everything was just very chaotic (as it often is on rehersals..) but also I felt that we stuck out so very much, me, Andrew, the other girl from my class and her husband. We were obvioulsy the only ones who did anything remotely historic, a lot of the other things were very modern and very much “fashion”. So I really didn’t feel like we fit in. Plus the music we had picked to walk to was so very different from what everyone else had. So I was not happy and not comfortable and that evening I was almost regretting having said I’d do this.

But of course this is so often the case, when you are just about to do something you wish you weren’t going to, but then when you actually do then you enjoy it. And such was the case this time too. On Saturday morning we had the proper dress rehersal, and then everything felt a hundred times better!


Because we had these historic clothes we were going to go out twice to show our stuff, first in the underwear and then a bit later in full costume. I think this was a good idea because as most people are not used to seeing historic clothes it could be fun to see more of how the layers are made up.


Andrew and I had been practicing in our living room how we were going to walk and pose, it was quite fun actually. I’m sure the neighbours were wondering what we were up to though!


So first up was the underwear. I was wearing my combination and my corset, Andrew was in breeches, stockings and shirt. And the music we had chosen for this part was THIS piece from the HBO mini series John Adams. We wanted something quite calm and good to walk to, and as we wanted to give the impression of it being a morning schene, with us half dressed only, the music couldn’t be too “epic”.

Second time we came in it was to this classic Swedish piece which I just love. It’s called ‘Drottningholmsmusiken‘ and was composed in the 18th century and Drottningholm is the name of the Royal Palace outside Stockholm which is the recidency of the King. And all the time I’ve been working on this outfit for Andrew this song has been what I’ve pictured for it. So of course we had to walk to that one!

Nervous as I was the day before I can’t but admit that it was so much fun to do this! It was a little scary yes, but sometimes we need to do things like that anyway. And I think for me it would have felt a little bit like an anticlimax after all these months of sewing to put them on a mannequin and leave them in an exhibition. But that’s just me.

We did stick out. But I think in the end it was a good thing. I think it provided a refreshing break with something a little different. And the feedback we got was so incredibly good and positive I can’t but be happy and grateful and just a little bit proud. ūüôā

We took a few more photos afterwards too, so here are a few more.

Very happy that Andrew already had the wig and the sword and everything, it really completed the look!

I had made that necklace myself a couple of days earlier, as I really needed a necklace and I wanted a Downton Abbey style one…

It was a really exciting and fun day, and a lot of people turned up! I’m so grateful that I’ve got a boyfriend who is more than happy to do something like this with me, even if he was uncomfortable about wearing Georgian make-up.. He did such an amazing job that day that I don’t know how many people he had who came up and asked if he was a professional or an actor!

The day after we were so exhausted we didn’t leave the apartment once. Slept for 12 hours straight and did absolutely nothing. I’m slowly, slowly coming back to the world of the living again now I think, but last week was a tiring one!

Hope you’ve enjoyed these photos, I might do a more detailed post about my dress later, but here you’ve gotten to see what it is like at least. ūüôā

Talk to you all soon!


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7 Responses to My outfits are finally done! This is what they looked like on the catwalk!

  1. Thilda says:

    Oh my… Aurora.. Standing avations are also from me. I am so happy for you. All your hard work has turned out so well and you can be very proud of youreself and your new skills. I really like the wonderful pictures. Your boyfriend look also so marevellous. Very authentic. What an immense work. ūüôā Warmest regards from Thilda

  2. Niamh says:

    Well done Aurora!!! You both look fantastic. There so much wonderful craftsmanship in both outfits! I am in awe.

  3. jennifer says:

    all i can say is “wow, wow, wow!!” it’s all very awesome! and yes, isn’t it lovely to have a partner who is up for anything? once my partner and i discovered we were going to oktoberfest in germany; i e-mailed him a link to an article about how people can dress for that saying “what do you think”? ten minutes later he e-mailed me some lederhosen he’d found on ebay. yes, that’s the spirit!! ūüôā

  4. Ansu says:

    Well… I lost all the best words to describe how amazingly beautiful these pieces are. You really have LOT of talent in sewing! Because the lack of words I just say WOW!

  5. Dorte says:

    Aurora, I am SO happy to see what you have accomplised during the last year, and SO happy that you have found a boyfriend who shares your interests. I was very pleased to see you back here on your blog, but I did have an idea that you were busy ūüôā have a great summer, I am always looking forward to see what you write about all the best wishes from Dorte, Denmark

  6. QNPoohBear says:

    wow incredible! Your Edwardian dress is gorgeous and the necklace really gives it that Downton Abbey look.

  7. Those clothes look amazing! Wow, well done.

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