When the local library surprises you

Sometimes you get pleasantly surprised by little towns and things they can offer. The other day I popped into the library on my way to work to pick up a book, and hidden away in a corner was a lovely large display of historical clothes and dolls!

Katrineholm’s library IS on a whole a very nice one, especially for the size of the town it is in, but finding an exhibit like this there was still a surprise!

The collection was owned by a lady (Elin was her name) who lived from 1890 till 1962 and was very active in Katrineholm (apparently). She had an interest in collecting historical items ever since she was a young girl and her collection grew to contain 1400 textile pieces (clothes etc) and 400 dolls. On the plaque it said that she saw her collection as a substitute for the children she could never have and as something to leave as a legacy to the afterworld.

As with so many things we have around us all the time it is so easy to forget when we look at something that it is someones life and work we are looking at. I mean a collection of clothes is all very nice and interesting in their own right I think, but it sort of makes me feel humble to be reminded that it is more than that. Whether it is a military medal, a worn out shirt or a collection of dolls, that is someone’s life and their story in a way. And I like thinking of it like that.

With that said I hope a fair amount of people find their way to that corner of the library, and take some time to look and appreciate some of these beautiful pieces!

As for the dolls there were literally hundreds of them there. All kinds and all shapes and sizes.
But somehow out of all those beautiful dolls this one to the right here was my favourite.

It’s a piece of a plank, wrapped up in paper with a face painted onto it. It is so crude and simple and that is why I like it. When I was a kid I remember making dolls out of anything I could think of. I had plenty of “real” ones, but even so I just liked making them too. I had one which was a huge squash wrapped up in a blanket with a face glued on, and another one which was some sticks with a carved out potato for a head…. that’s the one this one here reminds me of. It has the same slightly angry look on its face. I hope some girl made it all those years back, and loved it and played with it just like I did with my dolls!

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  1. Dorte says:

    Hello again, it is actually amazing what little places can come up with, lovely excibit thanks for sharing 🙂

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