A return to Bath

It’s been years, literally YEARS since last I was in Bath and attended the Jane Austen Festival there. And for those of you who have been following my blog you know that that place and that event have always been quite important to me. So as you can imagine it has really been quite heartbreaking not to be able to go. Because that’s the way it’s been, the last few years I have had obligations that did not enable me to go, it certainly wasn’t for lack of wanting to as I once heard someone imply (which was horrible that anyone would think!!).

This year I had really set my heart on going. I had been talking about it for months, hoping to be able to make it happen. Ideally I wanted me and Andrew both to go, becuase it’s a very special place to us both, but since he had another event he was already signed up to go to in the end of September he sadly couldn’t get time off to do both. I wasn’t quite sure I’d be able to make it either, it was really only a few weeks before that I could finally book my flights and say for sure that I was coming over! I couldn’t get so much time off work though, I would have loved to stay longer or even the whole festival, but as it was I had to content myself with a flying visit of arriving in Bath Saturday morning and leaving again Sunday evening. Still, better than nothing!

Every year that I’ve been there I’ve tried to take as many photos as I could. This year I hardly took any. I was so busy just enoying myself, soaking up the atmosphere and the fact that I was back in my beloved Bath and catching up with my friends (most of whom I hadn’t seen for years!!) to bother with such everyday things as taking photos! So forgive me for the lack of interesting pictures this time, but I will share what I got. 🙂

As I said I was just there for a flying visit, so I didn’t actually attend any events. Other than the promenade of course! I did want to go to a country dance that evening, but missed out on that as the tickets sold out before I could get to them. But it didn’t matter too much this time, the most important thing was just hang out with my friends again, I had missed this all SO much!!

I really didn’t DO that much. Took part in the promeande, mingled around talking to people in the gardens afterwards. Went to the fair in the Guildhall, and then went out for tea with a group of girls. The rest of the stay mainly consisted of wandering around, eating, visiting as many tea rooms as we could cram in, a brief visit at a house party/soire where I managed to squeeze in one short dance before I had to rush down to the station to cath my train back to London.

Anyway, I will show you the few pictures I have.

Promenaders walking down what will always to me be the “Persuasion street”

All these famous sights of the city are so familiar to me it felt like coming home!


My promenading outfit for this year, a Royal Navy inspired Spencer and bicorn. I will tell you more about this at some later point when I’ve actually done a proper photo shoot of it! 

Beautiful ladies strolling along

Sandra and Isabel (in her gorgeous spencer and bonnet!!)

Seeing as of course this is the year marking 200 years since Jane Austen’s death Bath had done a very special flower bed/creation in her honour! The floral inscription on the page of the book reads “oh who could ever be tired of Bath!” How true that is!

Did you ever see a more delightful Regency family! Megan, her mother, husband and son all looking fabulous!

Seeing as I didn’t have my own redcoat with me this year I got a photo with Richard, to get Army and Navy together.

The delightful and charming Kate.

This is me and Clarinda, my very good friend from Sweden. She has been going to the festival the last few years, but we’ve never been there at the same time. So it was wonderful to finally get to share the experience together!

And of course sharing the experience with Isabel who not only drove us both down to Bath from London early Saturday morning and let me stay with her, but who is also the best person to hang out with and drink enormous ammounts of tea with! 

One of many places I had to go to pay my respects in my short visit to the city.

This is my outfit that I wore on the Sunday. I will write more thouroghly about this one too I think, but I thought I’d just show it to you. Even though the picture is certainly far from the most flattering one of me; my posture! And sleepy eyes…

It was so good to be back. I knew I had missed it, but I don’t think I quite knew how much until I was back. Bath and the festival has been so very important in my life, for several reasons, and it doens’t matter how many other amazing events I go to or take part in, this place will always have a special place in my heart. And next year I fully intend to come for the whole duration of the festival. Of course, one never knows what life looks like in a whole years time, but I have every intention of trying to make sure it will be so!

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2 Responses to A return to Bath

  1. Noora says:

    How lovely that you got to go back to Bath! I also missed the festival again this year, but maybe next year… who knows! It’d be lovely to see you, you should come to Finland some time! 🙂



  2. Ana Alonso says:

    I’m glad you got to go this year! Your Bath festival posts are the best!

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