A return to Bath

Tweet It’s been years, literally YEARS since last I was in Bath and attended the Jane Austen Festival there. And for those of you who have been following my blog you know that that place and that event have always been quite important to me. So as you can imagine it has really been quite heartbreaking not to be able to go. Because that’s the way it’s been, the last few years I have had obligations that did not enable me to go, it certainly wasn’t for lack of wanting to as I once heard someone imply (which was horrible … Continue reading

Bath part 6 – last post

Tweet So, its been a while again. This time it is mainly because my boyfriend whom I haven’t seen in more than a year has finally come over to Sweden and the last three weeks I’ve spent mostly just enjoying being with him again. Everything else has sort of been put on hold. But I think I should try to wrap up my Bath story here now, I’ve been long enough writing it now so I’ll just do one post for the last few things. Cram it all in. Monday the rest of my group left Bath, but before setting … Continue reading

Bath part 5 – An evening soiree

Tweet In the evening that day we went back to the house where we’d had the harp workshop because there was an evening soiree to be held there. Let me tell you about this house first of all. The house is known as Beckford’s Tower, and the “tower” part of the name is there for a reason. Basically because this place is a house, not a massive house but with a BIG tower. William Beckford was a novelist who lived in Bath in the early 19th century and he had a fondness for towers. So he built this house. It … Continue reading

Bath part 4 – Finally getting to try playing a harp!

Tweet Next day the rain was pouring down, again. I spent the morning NOT in costume going out for lunch with a good friend and getting a few things done. Then in the afternoon I had a lesson planned so I wanted to dress up for that. This lesson was a harp lesson, or workshop. The Jane Austen center organizes  harp workshops sometimes and I wanted to try that last year but it was sold out, so I was excited to get to try it this year. It was as part of the deal with this group I was staying … Continue reading

Bath part 3 – Assembly Room Ball

Tweet So. Yes. Post three. After the promenade we headed back to our house to get ready for the ball as I said. I quite like the getting ready part. As long as you are not in too much of a hurry. I can fully understand how women back in those days could spend hours getting dressed!! For this ball I decided to wear my blue velvet dress again. It felt a little too wintery perhaps being so heavy but I wanted to wear it. And paired it with pearls and feathers. I’ve got a new thing for feathers. Have … Continue reading

Bath part 2 – Grand Regency Promenade

Tweet So, to make up for last posts lack of photos I have now made a rather picture heave post here. I was going to include the evenings ball in the same post, but after seeing how many photos I ended up chosing for this I think I’ll split them in two. 😉 Saturday morning came and to everyone’s delight and relief it was NOT raining! It was a lovely dry though not terribly warm day. Perfect for a promenade in other words. We all got into our parading outfits (for the first time I wore an outfit I’d already … Continue reading

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