Bath part 4 – Bonnets to Boots

Tweet Another event that I went to last year and this year was the fashion/costume talk they had on the Monday. Ok, last year it was called “Knowing Your Muslin” wheras this year it was called “Bonnets to Boots”. Bonnets and Boots, just like the title of the talk promised 🙂 But basically it was very much the same. It was the same lady who did it, Serena Dyer from Dressing History, in the same venue and the talk in itself was quite similar. Though I actually thought she did it even better this year! I really enjoyed the event … Continue reading

Bath part 3 – Dancing!

Tweet Finally we have internet access again at home! It’s been down for a week now for some strange reason, but now it’s back again! On the Sunday after the promenade I had two events I was going to attend. The first of those was the Regency Dance workshop, same as I went to last year and where I that time had the good fortune of meeting some lovely new friends! It was the same lady who instructed us in the dances as last year, Diana Campbell is her name and I think she is very good at instructing, I … Continue reading

Bath part 2 – The Grand Regency Promenade!

Tweet Back in Sweden again. It’s cold, autumn has certainly advanced much further here than it has in England! Which considering how the countries are located isn’t anything to wonder at I suppose… To continue my review of Bath and the festival then. Be warned, this will be quite a long post, with lots of pictures… Saturday (the 18th that is) morning saw us all up bright and early, sort of. We were lucky in the sense that the house we were staying in was equipped with lots of mirrors, otherwise it would have been quite difficult I think, 8 … Continue reading

Finally, my first update from Bath

Tweet The festival is over, for this year. 🙁 I am in St Albans now, visiting my sister here for a few days. I will be heading back to Sweden the day after tomorrow. So obviously I have lots to tell you about my time in Bath, and quite a few pictures to share. Where to start…? I arrived in Bath around 3 pm on the 17th. And the first thing I did was head to the place where I would be staying. Since I was the first of our little group to arrive I had to go there and … Continue reading

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