Hello again! Still alive over here!

Tweet Hello! I cannot believe how long it has been since I wrote on this blog the last time. Over a year and half! And why? I don’t know. Things happen, you get in a rut, and the longer you go from writing, the harder it is to get back to it again. I guess it’s been, not necessarily always so busy, but in several ways quite a hard, stressful year for me, and I’ve struggled to keep on top of things anyway. And so the blog has just been one of those things that has had to suffer for … Continue reading

I’ve been awarded! :D

Tweet Erin over at High Heels and Pencil Skirts has very kindly given me the “One Lovely Blog Award”. I am very grateful for that, thank you Erin! I should also like to pass this award on to a few other lovely blogs that I enjoy. There are really so many amazing blogs out there, and please consider yourself awarded, all of you! But to just name a few then: Rebecca over at Sewing in the Past The Hungarican Chick Rebecca over at Singing in His Name Alyssa over at Days to Remember Atlanta over at The Story of a … Continue reading

Happy Birthday little blog (and a couple of pictures of my reticule)!!!

Tweet Exactly one year ago I wrote my first ever blog post on here! I realized that just a couple of days ago when I was going to check up on something else, and I hadn’t thought of the fact that it must be getting close to a year now. That came as a surprise, and I found it a little hard to believe at first. It doesn’t feel like I’ve been doing this for a year! But apparently it is so. When I first began I had no idea of how it would be. I’d never blogged before, and … Continue reading

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