Waterloo part 2 – Balls and Battles

Tweet So the ball and the battle? Well I said I’d write about those next so that’s what I’m going to do. As I’m sure you all know, in 1815 on June 17th there was a big ball held in Brussles; the Duchess of Richmond’s Ball. And at this ball many of the British officers were attending, as well as all the high and mighty people of society who were present. And it was during this ball that a messenger came with the news that Napoleon’s army was getting close, and Lord Wellinton (who was also at the ball) informed … Continue reading

Waterloo part 1 – Camp life

Tweet Greetings everyone! After I wrote last time things with the blog have not worked out quite like I planned. We were traveling for 5 weeks with no internet at all and when we came back the internet at our home had been shut off until Christmas sometime, because of them re-doing the whole system. Also my plans of using Instagram more hasn’t so far worked very well either, it for some reason refuses to work on my phone despite all the things I’ve done to try to get it working. But I haven’t completely given up on it yet. … Continue reading

Winter Ball in Haarlem – Holland

Tweet The ball season started earlier for me this year than it usually does. It is only the first of March and I’ve already been to one ball. This ball was in Holland, in a town called Haarlem. “1813: Keetje Hodshon requests the pleasure of your company” was the title of the invitation sent out for the event. Keetje Hodshon was a lady who once lived in this big house in Haarlem, Hodshon house and it was in her house and in her honor so to speak that the ball was held. I have long wanted to try out an … Continue reading

Bath part 7 – not one but TWO Regency Balls!

Tweet Last post for this years Jane Austen Festival. The Friday dawned and there was excitement in the air, the ball day had arrived! Last year, some of you may remember, the Farthingale ball in the Assembly Rooms was on the first day of the festival, the same day as the promenade, and then the masked ball in the Pump Room was towards the end of the week. This year they were both at the end of the week, one after the other. On Friday evening first was the masked ball in the Pump Room. I really loved this ball … Continue reading

Bath part 6 – Dancing and playing games

Tweet Finally on the Thursday it was time for some dancing! There really is something special about dancing, it’s fun and makes you feel good! This event was called “As danced in 1812” and it was the Jane Austen Dancers of Bath who taught this workshop. They did a similar workshop last year which I attended and which was very fun, if terribly, terribly hot due to the fact that it was then held in a far too small room (for the number of people who were attending) in the basement of an old church. The ventilation in this room … Continue reading

Bath part 5 – Shoes and Musicals

Tweet We have now reached the Wednesday at the festival. I feel I must get a move on writing these updates now since it is now already more than a month since this festival took place! Get writing Aurora! My first event this day was another music one. A concert entiteld “Sweet Smells the Briar” where Soprano Gilian Dooley sang and Mike Parker played the harp. Performing songs taken from Jane Austen’s own collection it was quite a lovely concert. I do believe a harp must be one of the prettiest instruments ever created! Not quite beating the grand piano, … Continue reading

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