It’s Christmas Time! :)

Tweet “You are all to come to Pemberley at Christmas” so writes Elizabeth in her letter to Mrs Gardiner in the very end of Pride and Prejudice. We are going to have lots of people here for Christmas this year, I have a feeling it’s going to get pretty crowded. Especially as it is now -25 outside (according to the online converter I found, that would be 13 degrees Fahrenheit), so no one will be wanting to spend too much time outdoors. Brrrr….  We are going to be at least 14 people here, possibly 19, depending on whether one family … Continue reading

Lord of the Rings photo shoot

Tweet Now first of all; no I am not done telling you about my trip to Bath. I still have three updates to write about that, which I hope you won’t mind. But I am going to post about something different now. We had an exciting litte experience here yesterday. But let me start from the beginning… About a week ago we were contacted by a Swedish magazine called Äventyrliga Familjer (Adventurous Families) who said that they wanted to nominate us for one of the top 10 in a competition they are having, to find Sweden’s most adventurous family, or … Continue reading

About my brother (and one of his big interests)

Tweet My brother Aron has for a couple of years now been really into live-role-playing. For those who are not familiar with what live-role-playing is, it’s sort of like reenactment but you don’t recreate a specific event or war, but you wear medieval clothes and pretend you are from that time. You create your own character that you play, and together you are all creating a story. Since he started he has been to many of these events, and has built up quite a collection of clothes and stuff that he uses for that. When he went to his first … Continue reading

Spending time with a dear friend

Tweet I’ve been very pleasantly busy these last few days and therefor have not posted anything. My dear friend Isadora has been paying me a visit and I was so glad to see her! Of course I always am, but this time it has been more than commonly long since the last time we met! We had a great time; talking and catching up on each others lives, taking long walks, baking, and also watching some nice period dramas! We realized, when we were going to decide which period drama to watch (that we should watch anything else was never … Continue reading

Why I’ve been absent lately…

Tweet Ok, I know that it has been shockingly long since I posted last. Shame on me! But I have to say that this past week I have been so busy spending time with all the people we’ve had here that apart from when sleeping I don’t think I’ve spent more than half an hour in our house each day. This week has been a total blast! We’ve had such a good time! I don’t know exactly how many people we were because I haven’t counted, but I would guess somewhere around 60-70 or so. Most of them Swedes and … Continue reading

You’re all invited!

Tweet You are all invited to an event here at my family’s home in the heart of beautiful Sweden. For several years my family has been hosting different camps and gatherings here at our home. Mostly it has been homeschooling gatherings where we’ve had about 100 attendants from all over Europe, and indeed, the world! This years gathering will be slightly different though. This years camp is meant to be an inspiring week for those who wish to, or already do, live their life outside of the rat race. A week to encourage and inspire each others, share ideas, and … Continue reading

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