Happy Birthday Miss L!

Tweet I am writing this post in honor of my very dear friend Miss L. who on this day is turning 18 years of age! I met my friend for the first time 7 1/2 years ago now, and ever since the first day we have been great friends! We have shared many fun (and sometimes less fun) experiences over the years! Like me, my friend is a fan of classics, costume dramas, beautiful old-fashioned clothes and everything else in that field, and we often have long delightful conversations on these topics! And not only conversations by the way, here is … Continue reading

Back again!

Tweet So my dear friends, I’m back again. My friend Charlotte left yesterday, we have had some lovely days together. In Stockholm we managed to squeeze in several different must-see-sights as well as just spending some time strolling around browsing any nice stores we passed. One thing we visited was the Royal Armoury, located in the Royal Palace. It was not the first visit I made there (nor was it the second…), but all the same I found it most enjoyable. The things you get to see there are clothes, armour, weapons, jewelry and much more that has belonged to … Continue reading

See you in a few days!

Tweet There will be a few days without any posts here now. I’m off to Stockholm in a couple of hours and will be there for several days. I am meeting on of my pen pals since many years back for the first time. She lives in Germany and we have enjoyed a most delightful correspondence with each other over the years, and I am greatly looking forward to seeing her and showing her around in our beautiful capital! Maybe there will be some nice pictures to share here… who knows… 🙂 Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on … Continue reading

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