Period Drama Recommendations

Tweet Hello all you lovely people! Has spring found it’s way to your corners of the world? Every day here I am excitedly finding signs that we are moving further into spring, with snowdrops and crocuses around the house, and the first days of sitting outside in the sun eating lunch. I’ve got to say, a little bit of sun does wonders to raise your spirits doesn’t it?! School is keeping me very busy right now. We are coming up to the more final stages of this years projects. Which means we are now busily sewing away at our dresses. … Continue reading

Anno 1790

Tweet For me being Swedish it is sometimes nice to watch, or read, something which is about Swedish history, something set in Sweden. Problem is, there aren’t many things like films for example about this. I find this really annoying, we have an amazing and rich history and many stories and events that are worth telling about. I could come up with at least 20 different ideas off the top of my head right this minute, stories and events that would make awesome films. But sadly hardly any have been made. Which is one reason I was quite excited first … Continue reading

Emma Approved

Tweet Ok so I know I’m right in the midst of reporting from Bath, but I just have to get in here with a short little post just to announce that today is the start of the YouTube series “Emma Approved”! What is this? Basically it’s like the Lizzie Bennet Diaries I posted about a short while ago, a video blog version of a Jane Austen book, this time Emma. I missed out on the fun bit of following along the last one and keeping updated with the new episodes and the whole thing around it, so this time I’m … Continue reading


Tweet Just a quick post to ask, has anyone seen this yet? I haven’t because it is not out yet in Europe, and it might not come out at all in cinemas here in Sweden. But as I understand it in the US it has had its premiere. I’m just so curious as to what it’s like. Its got the potential to be a really funny and enjoyable movie, and I hope it will be. And something we should all be able to relate to, obsessed fans wanting to live in the world of Jane Austen. Haha Anyway I just … Continue reading

Two series – two stores

Tweet There are two period drama mini series that I want to write about that I haven’t yet. They are some months old now so many of you have probably already seen them, but I’ve still been planning to write about them, so I might as well. One of them is called “Mr Selfridge” the other one “The Paradise”. The Paradise came out last autumn, a series in 8 parts by BBC based on a book by Émile Zola (which really made me wary of it to start off, because my experience of reading  a book of his – Thérèse Raquin … Continue reading

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

Tweet Ok so I know that sometimes I am a bit behind everyone else when it comes to watching or reading things that come out, far from always, but sometimes. And The Lizzie Bennet Diaries might just be one such case. But for anyone else out there who hasn’t watched this it could possibly be something to interest you. So The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, what is it? Well basically it is Pride and Prejudice in a modern setting told through 100 3-8 minute long youtube clips. Taking the form of a video blog done by Lizzie Bennet, with the assistance … Continue reading

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