A Great Swedish film! :)

Tweet A little while ago I read the Swedish classic Jerusalem. It is a book written by Selma Lagerlöf, who is considered by a great number of people to be  Sweden’s best author. And I would probably have to agree with them. She is, or was I should say, a wonderful story teller! She really knew how to tell a story, and she combines the story she is telling (or writing) with legends from different areas in Sweden. Of course she is very famous here in Sweden, but not only here. Most of her works have been translated into many, … Continue reading

Of Tilneys and train-rides

Tweet I don’t know why it is, but it seems like my days have suddenly become shorter than they were before, even though in reality they have become longer (here close to the Arctic circle we now have light almost 24 hours a day)! Whatever I do I just can’t seem to fit in all the things I had planned! It’s strange… I hope it’s just something I’m going through and that it will pass before too long. I had planned to post something here yesterday, but the day was over before I knew it. But that’s all right, I’ll … Continue reading

Have you watched North & South? If not; DO!

Tweet I know this blog is called The Secret Dreamworld of a Jane Austen Fan, but all the same I will not shy away from bringing up things that might not be absolutely connected to Jane Austen if I find that they are close enough to the subject and I find them worthy of a mention here. One such thing is BBC’s series North & South. I took another opportunity of watching this film when Charlotte was here, as she had not yet seen it and I though that she should. The film has often been compared to Pride and … Continue reading

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