Jane Austen Products

Tweet There really are loads of fun Jane Austen related products out there! The other day I was searching, around looking for something on the internet, and I ended up forgetting what it was I was going to look for and spent a long time browsing CafePress’s Jane Austen section instead (I really don’t know anything about the company, and have never bought anything from them, but I still enjoyed looking). Thousands of different t-shirt’s with Austen quotes and similar things on, and bags, magnets, cups, calendars, etc, etc! I didn’t like all of them, and a lot of the … Continue reading

Quoting Jane Austen

Tweet As many of those who know me are aware of, I constantly find myself quoting Jane Austen in everyday conversations. Dragging quotes of her into any situation where I think they fit in. Both from the books and the films, and indeed often from other period dramas too. One of the ones I most frequently make use of is Captain Wentworth’s line “I neither know nor care” which you can find in the 1995 film version. It is a very useful quote, and I use it all the time when I really don’t know or care about something! My … Continue reading

Of gardens and fashion, and going back home… – Bath and Jane Austen Festival part 6

Tweet The next day was my last full day in Bath. I chose not to wear my costume this day, as I didn’t have that many events to go to and didn’t really feel like walking around in costume all by myself. First I had planned to make a visit to Number 1 Royal Crescent (a museum) only to find out that they were closed… After that disappointment I made my way to the other end of the city, to Sydney Place. I am sure a lot of you know why one would make a visit to Sydney Place, but … Continue reading

Walking and Dancing with Jane Austen (sort of) – Bath and Festival part 4

Tweet Well, my fabulous title says it all really, doesn’t it? 😉 OK, maybe it doesn’t. I’ll give you some more details in any case. The next day I once again dressed up in my costume, and my first stop that morning was the Jane Austen Center. Or, to be more exact, the Jane Austen Center’s gift shop! I spent a long time there, just looking at all the lovely things they have! I only ended up buying one book this time though. After having looked at everything in the shop about a dozen times it was time for me … Continue reading

Bath and the Jane Austen Festival – part 3

Tweet So to continue where I left off. After having wandered around the fair in Queen Square for a while, (there really wasn’t that much to see or do there apart from talking to people and studying different costumes) it was time for the next event on my schedule. That was the Regency Wedding. Now let me explain what that was. There is this couple, Ian and Kelly, who after having been to the Jane Austen Festival last year had decided that they would like to get married there. They wanted a Regency style wedding with guests dressed in costume. … Continue reading

Jane Austen Festival in Bath – part 2: The Grand Regency Promenade,

Tweet The next day (Saturday the 19th) was the biggest day really, the day of the Grand Regency Promenade (amongst other things)! As soon as I had finished my breakfast I hurried up to my room to get changed into my costume. For the first time I had a complete outfit to wear! As I came downstairs on my way out I ran in to my hostess, who after seeing me insisted on her husband taking some pictures of me in their garden. Which was very sweet of them I think! From where I was staying to where I was … Continue reading

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