Bath part 1 – The Admiral’s House

Tweet And so, I am back. Back after a wonderful trip to England and the Jane Austen Festival in Bath. I suppose it really goes without saying, but I did have such a great time! There is nothing quite like meeting up with lots of friends (old and new), parading around a beautiful, historic city dressed in pretty dresses! Add to that some fantastic talks, nice museums and other places of interest and then dancing at amazing balls and you will certainly understand why I enjoyed myself so much! I always struggle with how to begin telling about my trip, … Continue reading

Another nice big house :)

Tweet I am back in Sweden again. My visit to England was absolutely LOVELY!! It was, as always, a delight to be with my beloved sister again and to spend time with her and her boyfriends Jake. I also got to see some dear friends who I haven’t met in what feels like forever, I got to see my fantastic voice teacher who I haven’t been to in over two years (that is, my voice teacher in England. I have another equally fantastic voice teacher here in Sweden whom I go to on a regular basis) and have a lesson … Continue reading

The hunt for the “picturesque” picture

Tweet Here I am in England now, having a lovely time. My sister and I just got back from a beautiful long walk in the glorious sunshine (yes, the weather has been absolutely perfect while I’ve been here so far, sunny and warm every day. When I left home there was still some snow on the ground and ice on the lakes… I wasn’t prepared for it being summer here!). I have already written about St Albans, the beautiful city where my sister is living at present, on here before. It is a very old city, filled with historical things … Continue reading

Florence – part 4 – Jane Austen Day at the Villa

Tweet The next day I stayed in my apartment all morning till it was time to leave again at 1. I will admit that I was rather tired from the night before… So I got myself ready, in my white dress that you have all seen many times before this time, and headed out. We were to meet up at a bus stop, not too far from where I was staying. And from there we were to take a bus (surprise, surprise, I don’t think anyone could have guessed that’s what we were going to do at a bus stop! … Continue reading

Florence – part 3 – Grand Napoleonic Ball

Tweet I decided to go ahead and jump straight on to the first ball now. The Grand Napoleonic Ball that was held on Saturday evening in the impressive Villa del Poggio Imperiale. I mentioned this place previously when I first decided that I was going to Florence. At one point it was the home of one of Napoleon’s sister, the Grand Duchess of Tuscany, Elisa Bonaparte Baciocchi.  And this is what it looks like: Rather grand isn’t it?! 😉 This palace is located not far at all from the city center. So a short walk and then a short taxi … Continue reading

A walk through historic Örebro

Tweet My dear mama and I have just come back from the nearby town of Örebro. We went there yesterday to a concert with a Swedish folk music group, (they played a kind of modernized folk music, it was very good!) and since it got quite late we stayed the night with my grandmother who lives there. It isn’t far, but we were in no mood for driving back anyway. This morning we walked about town looking in shop windows (alas mostly in the windows as the majority of the smaller shops that we looked at were closed today) and … Continue reading

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