Here are the pictures I promised

Tweet I promised you I would post pictures of my new dress here soon. Well, now I will. After I finally decided that I am going to the Jane Austen Festival later this year, I realized that I really should finish my dress before then, as I would need it. And I can tell you, just the fact that I really needed a Regency dress, was motivating enough to get me to actually finish it! I made the dress using the same pattern I have used for my previous ones, this one. I did make some slight changes to it … Continue reading

Hmm, haven’t I seen this dress before…?

Tweet I was watching BBC’s wonderful series Wives & Daughters a couple of days ago. And in the very beginning of the movie we see Miss Browning, one of the characters, wearing a brown/beige dress, the one in the picture here. I recognized the dress at once as one which is featured in both Pride & Prejudice and Emma! I knew already that in those two it was the same dress, but I had  never noticed before that it is in Wives & Daughters too! I just think it’s so much fun finding reused costumes in films, recognizing them from … Continue reading

My second Regency gown

Tweet After I had made my first Regency gown, it didn’t take me long before I thought it was time I made another one. I was so pleased with the result of my first one that I was most excited at the thought of having one more. However, when I had my fabric all cut out and was sitting down by my sewing machine to begin, it just refused to work! Whatever I did it wouldn’t cooperate! That is one of the most frustrating things ever, when you are all ready and excited to start a project and then something … Continue reading

My first Regency gown

Tweet I thought I should share with you some pictures of the Regency style clothes I have made for myself so far. I will begin with the first such dress I made.  At first I found the fashion and the style of this era to be a little… well… weird. At least the ladies dresses. But that was before I became a true Jane Austen fan. Since then I have not only become used to the way the dresses looked at that time but I have also grown to love the simple, yet so elegant look that was in fashion during the … Continue reading

Back again!

Tweet So my dear friends, I’m back again. My friend Charlotte left yesterday, we have had some lovely days together. In Stockholm we managed to squeeze in several different must-see-sights as well as just spending some time strolling around browsing any nice stores we passed. One thing we visited was the Royal Armoury, located in the Royal Palace. It was not the first visit I made there (nor was it the second…), but all the same I found it most enjoyable. The things you get to see there are clothes, armour, weapons, jewelry and much more that has belonged to … Continue reading

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